Beat the Brief - Heat 1 - Tonight!

May 18, 2015

It’s finally here. The event of the year. Okay, maybe the event of the month. Or the day. Yes, it’s Beat the Brief heat number one. All the acts are in London (if they weren’t here already), each one has rehearsed (presumably) and soon they will be gracing the stage at the gorgeous Cafe de Paris to showcase their quality for all to see.

So what can you expect?

Well, that is a great question.

Each of the acts will have a chance to show off their approach to the brief they have been given, which is as a follows:

‘Our client is a fashion house who are launching a new range of vintage style shoes called Additions based on the look and style of the TV programme Mad Men. The other most noticeable feature are the range of primary colours which the shoes are available in. They are planning a launch to which media and key customers are coming and would like a piece of entertainment to capture the essence of the new shoe range.’

It’ll certainly be interesting to see how they interpret these basic instructions. Hopefully they’ll all put their heart and sole into it.


...Moving on.

After each performance, the act will have an opportunity to explain to the judges and general public what their usual act consists of, how it has been adapted to the brief and answer a few quick questions. The judges will then deliver their views.

But who are the judges?

Glad you asked. Without further ado, let’s reveal them!

Katie Deighton – Event Magazine

A reporter for Event Magazine, Katie is most at home finding and writing events industry news for the website and daily e-bulletin. She is most at home writing engaging, informative features and also has an interest in political philosophy.

Adam Sternberg – Sternberg Clarke

Having set up Sternberg Clarke with Duncan Clarke in the early 1990s, Adam is the current Director and Head of Sales & Marketing. He is an extremely well known personality within the events industry and is always on the lookout for an exciting new act.

Andrew Birnie – Cafe de Paris

Having worked for Maxwell’s Restaurants, Bars and Clubs for over seven years, Andrew has risen to the position of Events and Sales Director, currently building, developing and delivering on the marketing plan for Cafe de Paris. He’s seen it all, so it will be interesting to see what he picks up on.

Gaia Saccomanno – Wedgewood DMC

Gaia has been involved in events and entertainment for a number of years, particularly active in their planning, production and promotion. Currently at Wedgewood DMC, Gaia works with overseas corporate clients to ensure a warm welcome to the UK. She adores the power of live events so let’s hope she is blown away by the acts tonight!

Then what?

Once all the acts have performed, it will be the moment of truth. Just which act has beaten the brief? The winner of this heat and the next heat at Guanabara on June 16th will both get to perform at Event 360 at the Roundhouse on June 23rd.  

Of course, ultimately there can be only one winner and the chosen act will be the opening performers at the Event Awards on October 8th, also winning a fantastic cash prize!

So it’s all to play for! We very much looking forward to seeing you this evening to find out just who will Beat the Brief, following in the footsteps of last year's winner, Beatvox.




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By Henry Fosdike