Beat the Brief - The Brief is Here

May 07, 2015

As previously announced, Beat the Brief is returning once more this year to wow the events industry with the diverse approaches to the same brief. With the first heat taking place on May 18th at Cafe de Paris in London, there isn’t much time to grab your ticket – contact Sarah for information – whilst time is also running out for the acts to get thinking on how they will approach the brief they have been given.

But what is the brief?

This year, the brief for the first heat is as follows:

‘Our client is a fashion house who are launching a new range of vintage style shoes called Additions based on the look and style of the TV programme Mad Men. The other most noticeable feature are the range of primary colours which the shoes are available in. They are planning a launch to which media and key customers are coming and would like a piece of entertainment to capture the essence of the new shoe range.’

The brief is deliberately chosen to get the acts thinking about how best they can play to their strengths. Originality and creativity are paramount to their performance, but how would you incorporate the theme into the brief if you were one of the six acts taking part? Here is what you can look forward to:

The Twin Swing

 They say:professional dance act in the style of the roaring 1920's- Full of fun, character and lots of glamour ready to make your event one to remember!

We say: What can we look forward to here? Perhaps a Gatsby-inspired approach to marketing shoes? A dance act that focuses on the feet? We have no idea but we’re excited to see what they do!

Zero Central

 They say: Zero Central is a unique circus performance which employs wearable sensors and infrared technology to create visually arresting stage shows with a truly synchronised landscape, which often appears 3 Dimensional.

We say: Looking at that photo, we would assume that Zero Central’s focus will be on the various colours of shoes that are having to be advertised. Of course, maybe they’ll go with a wildly imaginative approach and use dark hues to promote the ‘vintage’ of the range.

Beato Burrito

 They say: Beato Burrito are a fun trio of acoustic musicians who wander amongst your guests whilst performing an eclectic mix of pop songs in a Mariachi style.

We say: Oh boy, this is tough. Maybe they’ll provide a Mexican version of Someone Like You by Adele, but crooning towards a giant shoe? Then again, maybe they won’t.

Andrei Isfan

 He says: Andrei’s charisma, showmanship and unique look, together with his unbelievable sleight of hand skills give him the ability to wow over even the most sceptical of audiences. 

We say: Certainly some shoe-inspired magic to look forward to here! Perhaps focusing on linking laces..? We really have no idea about the various magic tricks involving shoes but there must be one where a card is found beneath your foot, right? We’ll just have to see...

Mow the Brass

 They say: The next ‘Big Steak’ on the London Brass Band Scene, ‘Mow the Brass’ is a herd of the best brass players, farmed in the U.K’s best Music Colleges. Get ready to digest a mixed grill of fresh, tender arrangements and spicy, organic compositions.

We say: Certainly sounds like we’re in for some brilliant moosic, although we have no idea if they’ll be able to milk the brief for all its worth. Should be udderly delightful either way.

Faye Treacy

 She says: Faye Treacy is a musical comedian, a graduate of the Brit School where she claims she is the reason Adele only sings ballads, Faye went on to study trombone at The Royal Academy of Music and is a regular on the London Comedy Scene, bringing a unique, frank, silly and raw perspective into the world of ‘making it’ on a near extinct instrument.

We say: Perhaps the act with the most straightforward approach to the brief, we’re expecting a bit of material on shoes and Mad Men. We have no idea how the trombone will be incorporated into the set so maybe Faye will take it in a different direction. Regardless, it should be great!




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By Henry Fosdike