Band Month: Top 5 Bands For Outdoor Events

April 03, 2012

Summer is the perfect time for outdoor events, for obvious reasons  – cloudless blue skies, lush green grass and a beautiful sunset all add up to the perfect day, but with this comes the inevitable question of outdoor entertainment. As perfect as the idea of your favourite covers band playing outdoors may seem, in practice there are a few considerations to take into account when booking musicians outside;  Chief among them being sound limits.

To avoid the wrath of neighbours in residential areas, or to keep sound requirements at a manageable level for venues that have multiple events on at once; many event and wedding venues enforce a decibel limit or an Acoustic Acts Only Policy.

Restrictive as this may sound at first, booking an unamplified act for your event can give an outdoor party a uniquely 'summery' feel that’s just not possible with a ground trembling function Band.

We’ve selected a few of our Top Acts for Outdoor Events to give you a few ideas for an unplugged party that everyone will remember.

Fables and Friends patiently waiting in a small shed like structure before getting out into an oudoor drinks reception
Fables & Friends
Fables and Friends are an achingly cool covers band with a penchant for folk inspired cover versions of everyone from Gnarls Barkley and Stevie Wonder. The band specializes in smaller, more intimate events and features a versatile acoustic line-up comprising both male and female vocals (the band is fronted by the beautiful Georgia) acoustic guitar, upright bass and cajon/percussion.

 Once again, this picture of a band we're suggestion play outside is, in fact a shot of them indoors...
Padam Padam
Offering a distinctly "More French" take on the acoustic band; Padam Padam are a super stylish, effortlessly cool Covers Band with a Parisian Twist. With a delightfully retro repertoire that includes favourites by Edith Piaf, Jengo Reinheart, Liszt, Cole Porter, Irving Berlin, Monti and Gershwin, Padam Padam are the perfect accompaniment to an afternoon soiree or a sophisticated wedding. 

We promise the Strumpettes would be great outdoors
The Strumpettes
The Strumpettes shimmied into our office only a few months ago and wowed us not only with their close vocal harmonies but also their 1940’s inspired clothes and ukuleles (Yes, ukuleles!)  The Strumpettes are perfect for small garden parties with a vintage feel; the girls even stay in character throughout their sets dabbling in the sort of husky voiced, sassy inter-song banter that June Carter Cash would be proud of.

If ever there was a band who deserved the "Sepia" setting on your camera, it was these guys
The Dixie Ticklers
The Ticklers are Europe's leading exponents of New Orleans, Dixieland and Trad jazz and so far the only band to have come in for an audition with a washboard. Led with exuberance by Dom on clarinet – and setting a trumpet, clarinet and tenor front line off against a drums (or the aforementioned washboard for ultra portability and volume levels), banjo and double bass rhythm team – the Dixie Ticklers represent the toe-tapping, livelier side of jazz entertaining with skill, style and charm.

So what if we've used this picture before, it's really cool... Wandering Hands
We've written countless words, posted countless pictures and even put up the odd video of this brilliant strolling acoustic covers trio and if it seems like we're going on about them a bit, it's only because they're *really really good*. With no need for amplification or even a stage area (wandering as they do between guests) Wandering Hands are tailor made for outdoor summer events. 

For more informationon any of the acts featured in this post - get in touch.