Band Month: Royal Blue Audition

May 08, 2012



 I promise this is the last post on Band Month, but when you've had so many great auditions from Function Bands, it's hard to close the flood gates. Rounding out our Function Band Audition Marathon from last week were 5 piece covers band Royal Blue who survived a blown out tire and a lost keyboard player to make it to their audition in time. And it was a good job they did, because they're a rather fine function band - which is exactly what you're looking for when you declare a whole month 'Band Month' n' all.  

 Versatility is the mark of a good function band and the ease with which Royal Blue shifted gears between genres showed a great deal of promise. Kicking off with a storming version of 'Superstition' the band switched vocalists for a rendition of 'Valerie' (no reggae break this time) before showcasing yet another vocalist for a slow-then-fast take of 'Rolling on a River' with the band's drummer taking on singing duties.

 It was heartening to see a group enjoying themselves despite the fact they were playing to a couple of people on a couch in a practice room. Either they generally love performing, or they're really good at pretending - works for us both ways really, but we suspect the former. There was plenty of stomping, laughing and firing bass guitars like guns, all of which gave us a good idea of the band's on-stage energy, even if the playing conditions were a little artificial. It'll be great to see them actually perform for an audience.

Nothing like seeing a man enjoy his drums... good for this guy... good for him... The band finished off with their most ambitious cover, a cleverly arranged version of Bohemian Rhapsody that made full use of the groups multiple vocalists and their knack for pulling off musical gear changes. Much 'scaramouching' and the doing of various 'fandangi' ensued, the band sounding like a 10 piece in places and impressively managing to make even the most Queen-averse in their audience (of 2) cast aside any aversion to Queen's  brand of guitar shredding stadium rock. No mean feat.

For more information on booking Royal Blue for a corporate event or as wedding entertainment, then head to our contact page and get in touch.

Thus Concludeth Band Month. Hope You Enjoyed.