Band Month: New (-ish) Function Bands at Sternberg Clarke

April 19, 2012



As london's leading supplier of entertainment for events, we're constantly adding new acts to our entertainment rosta and unless you're constantly checking the blog for the latest auditions (which you should be) it can be hard to keep up with the newest acts we're booking for corporate events.

So in the spirit of band month, here are a few of the newest function bands to join the Sternberg Clarke family, all of whom are available to book for corporate events in London and the UK. (Or outside of the UK if you feel like it)


Charlie and the Heartbreakers

This young, exciting 5 piece are dab hands at anthemic rock and floor filling pop tunes and despite only recently teaming up with Sternberg Clarke, they've already clocked up an impressive number of gigs and earned rave reviews from anyone who's booked them for corporate events. With a decade spanning repertoire that leans towards guitar heavy favourites, Charlie and the Heartbreakers are like the worlds greatest pub jukebox come to life.

Sample Songs: Really got me - The Kinks, Somebody Told Me - The Killers, Cigarettes and Alcohol - Oasis, Guns n' Roses - Sweet Child o' Mine

Pandora's Jukebox

On the subject of what the French call 'Boxes du Jouce' [Citation Needed] Pandora's Jukebox have made a name of themselves as master eclecticists (or eclectomaniacs?) trying their hands at everything from Pendulum to Mylo and doing a damn fine job at it too. That's not to say they don't also excel in the standard function band fare; Stevie Wonder, the Jackson 5 and Marvin Gaye are always mainstays in Pandora's eponymous Jukebox - but the band's willingness to tackle the dance and Rn'B tunes of the 90s and 00s with their sprawling horn section makes them stand out in the crowd.

Sample Songs: ATB - 9PM til I come, Beyonce - Work it Out, Mylo - Doctor Pressure, Pendulum - Watercolour, Justin Timberlake - Senorita

The Shuffle Collective

Like an iPod full to capacity with all the best soul, funk and party tunes from the past few decades, The Shuffle Collective have plenty of 'Gig's. You see, that's clever because not only is the size of an iPod's memory measured in... Anyway. The Shuffle Collective are one of the more recent additions to our books and a most welcome at that. With a line-up that can swell to 14 members, the band's multiple vocalists and horn section make them perfect for all manner of Funk, Disco and Soul - most pleasingly when they take on a modern tune like 'Single Ladies', they make it sound like it was written in 1976.

Sample Songs: Blame it on the Boogie – Jackson 5, You Can't Hurry Love - The Supremes, Crazy in Love – Beyonce, Move on up – Curtis Mayfield.


Ruby were a Godsend for band month, not only are they a rather good female fronted function band - they have some really good photos. *Really Good Photos.* I've already used them a few times in general 'Band Month' posts because they're just so darned slick. But that slickness extends to the music with the band offering an array of musical options including a background Jazz trio and laid back cocktail piano to supplement the high energy main function band over the course of the evening. (Also worth noting, I made it all the way through without describing singer, Ruth, as 'feisty'

Sample Songs: Streetlife - Randy Crawford, Valerie - Amy Winehouse, The Power of Love - Huey Lewis and the News, I Kissed a Girl - Katy Perry

For more information on these, or any of the other bands we've featured during Band Month, get in touch.