Band Month: Groove 54 Audition

May 04, 2012


 I know Band Month is over, but it's almost as if I can hear the audience through my blog dressing room door shouting "More Blogs from Band Month! More Blogs from Band Month!" and who am I to deny them more blogs from band month? Especially when there are auditions that were never written up during April?

 One such audition came courtesy of function band Groove 54 who performed as part of our evening of Function Band auditions a couple of weeks back. This 5 piece outfit has been together for just a year (a blink of an eye in function band terms) but with the talent and musicianship on display, you'd never guess it.

 With a repertoire that errs on the side of Soul and Funk, the band grooved their way through a handful of wedding party favourites like 'Superstition', 'Let's Stay Together' and a particularly interesting take on 'Valerie' that started off in full blown Amy Winehouse mode before morphing into a reggae break and switching back to Winehouse for the last chorus. Oddly, that was the second reggae interlude of the evening - if one more band does it, we've got a full on trend on our hands. 

 Singer Florence has a no shortage of stage presence, strutting around like a mix between Single Ladies-video Beyonce and pre-lion-hair Tina Turner. The band makes smart use of each member’s talents, with plenty of sneaky instrument switches and vocal harmony duties changing hands (or throats) with ease.  Groove 54 have the option of swelling up to a 9 piece if required, which considering how full a sound they're able to create with 5 members, must be pretty impressive.

For more information on booking Groove 54 for Corporate Events of Wedding Receptions, get in touch.