Band Month: Flood the Floor Q&A

April 18, 2012



Following on from our last Q&A with Earthlights Boogie Band, we pointed the Q&A cannon at another of Sternberg Clarke's most enduringly popular function bands Flood the Floor. With a long standing reputation for energetic, thrilling live shows, Flood the Floor have made a name for themselves with their penchant for audience participation and ever evolving set list.

The band's leader Benedict was enough of a gent to answer a few questions on the challenges of performing at corporate events and weddings.

Hello! Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Benedict Green and I manage and play bass in the fabulous “Flood The Floor”

What sets your band apart from the competition?

Our ethos, mindset and approach. We put a huge amount of energy and enthusiasm into what we do, both on and off stage.

Imaginative and energetic crowd interaction. Our gigs are memorable because we manoeuvre with the actions and responses of the crowd. They don’t just get a staid, “locked” show.

Song choices and creatively comprised sets. All the tunes we play are hits songs but we try to include as many of the less “likely” hits as possible into our sets. We also play medleys that surprise – arrangements that take the premise of operating like a live DJ.

We don’t look too bad either.

What do you think makes a great function band?

Enthusiasm for the music, versatility, musicianship, stage presence and audience rapport.

It’s no different from an original group – the relationship between the members is essential in creating a good balance of personas and traits that translates into chemistry on stage.

How much work/time goes in to putting together your repertoire?

In order to keep us ahead of the competition and to make us memorable to our clients, we pride ourselves on not letting the set go stale; a variety of material is key to the growth and quality of a function band. A lot of consideration is made regarding keeping the set fresh; it’s just as important for the members of the band as it is for the crowd that the set is qualitative.

Each season sees a revival of the sets. A lot of time is spent balancing new, popular material with classics – it is important to get a good breadth from different decades and styles in order to be versatile.

What’s the biggest ‘sin’ a function band can commit at an Event or a Wedding?

Getting a client’s name wrong!

How do you decide on a set list for an event? Do you consider the audience’s age/occupation etc?

Every set is tailored in consideration of the clients needs – how the music fits in with the type of event as well as the flow of the songs. Lots of other considerations are made such as the demographic, the degree of formality and specific song requests.

Do you ever get tired of playing any particular songs? And if so, how do you make a song seem fun if you’ve played it a million times?  

Being a professional musician means that you are also, sometimes, a professional actor. It is part of the job to enthuse yourself. However, we often play songs with our own twist and this helps to maintain the creative element of the musicianship and performance.

If there was one song which every function band should be able to play, what would it be?

Let’s Dance” by David Bowie. From a wedding party in the Home Counties to a hipster bar in Shoreditch, this song never fails to rouse.

Thanks Benedict!

For more information on Flood the Floor or any of the function bands we've featured throughout band month, head over to our contact page and get in touch.