Band Month: Earthlights Boogie Band Q&A

April 13, 2012



Throughout April, we've been discussing what makes a great function band as part of our Band Month. But much like we did during Dance Month, we're also asking those for whom 'being in a band' is a way of life. Today it's the turn of long standing Sternberg Clarke favourites Earthlights Boogie Band who have been causing dancefloor stampedes for years.

With a line up of brilliant musicians who've played with the likes of Barry White, Tom Jones, Lenny Kravitz and Jamiroquai, Earthlights have become one of the most sought after function bands for corporate events and weddings. Band leader Spencer was kind enough to take some time out from a busy events schedule to 'A' a couple of 'Q's in our latest Band Month Q&A.

Hello! Who are you and what do you do?

We are The Earthlights Boogie Band, We perform for all kinds of events big or small in the UK and all over the world.

What sets your band apart from the competition?

We've always been well known for our spontaneous flare and for being very interactive on and off stage, using the whole room as our performance. We don’t just play to get paid, we play and perform because we love getting people into a frenzy and pulling the real soul out people's desire to dance, let themselves be free and enjoy the moment. There really isn’t a band like us as we try to push the boundaries every time, all the time.

What do you think makes a great function band?

Communication, individualism, Dynamics, Style, Confidence and above all 100% real stage performance!

How much work/time goes in to putting together your repertoire?

We like to make our repertoire bespoke for all our clients, we like to deliver something people know but but in a way that's unlike every other band out there.  Everyone plays the safe tunes and people kind of expect it. When we come on we try to do the opposite wherever possible.

What’s the biggest ‘sin’ a function band can commit at an Event or a Wedding?

Getting Drunk….Not a good look and it’s a serious blow to the band’s rep if something happens on or off stage.  I have seen it happen (with other bands of course) and it’s not cool!

How do you decide on a setlist for an event? Do you consider the audience’s age/occupation etc?

Consultations with the client is imperative to our shows and knowing what to expect in advance gives us the heads ups… of course once we are on that stage we can then gauge the crowd quickly wherever it’s needed during the set list.

Do you ever get tired of playing any particular songs? And if so, how do you make a song seem fun if you’ve played it a million times?

Mmmmmm, I can fairly say that we’ve played our rep to death over the past few years. But there have been times where we might have had 4 events in one week and we've all been dreading something like 'Car Wash' but then all of a sudden the vibe just goes off the hook on the dance floor and sure enough you’re back in the room like it was the 1st time performing it! (That goes for all songs by the way)

If there was one song which every function band should be able to play, what would it be?

Oooo this is pretty hard... Well I say if you can’t do it, don’t play it – but I'm going to have to give three in order of difficulty.

Hard – Runaway Baby – Bruno Mars/ James Brown Grammy Awards version

Med – Sweet Child Of Mine – Guns n Roses

Easy – Celebration – Kool n The Gang

Thanks, Spencer!

For more information on Earthlights or any of the other bands we feature during Band Month, get in touch through our contact page.