Back to School Event Ideas

August 27, 2019

Back to school is everywhere currently as children slide their feet into new school shoes and parents everywhere are stocking up on new pencil cases, lunchboxes and a bottle of bubbly for when we finally get our homes’ back. The living room will be clear, the kitchen will be quiet… Which means it’ll be time for a back to school event! Let’s see some entertainment options to bring the nostalgia to the forefront of your mind!

Geek Band

They may not have gone to great lengths to creatively describe what they offer, but Geek Band provide exactly what you might expect. It’s geeks in band form! Riffing off the uncool kids from eighties John Hughes movies, Data & co. provide great tunes that will have you dancing one moment and singing along the next. With their unique showband outfits, we think they are sure to be a hit at your next event!


 How is everybody’s handwriting these days? There isn’t as much call for it as there was when we were at school – everything is about computers these days – but booking a graphologist for a back to school event is an excellent idea! Our renowned experts have offered their opinions on handwriting for a multitude of corporate events, companies and even in court, so you can be sure that they will be able to offer advice based on how you scrawl on the page. A fascinating analysis that everybody will be clamouring to experience.

Digital Graffiti Wall

 Think back to when you last went back to school and you are probably picturing yourself in the classroom, looking at the whiteboard (or blackboard!) It’s all changed since those days though with smartboards galore and the digital graffiti wall allows you a chance to draw whatever you like on this teacher’s tool. From using a multitude of digital tools to decorate your drawing to picking from a host of different colours, it isn’t just about your abstract art; whatever you create can be transposed to a t-shirt or mug for you to take home. Marvellous!

Photo Booth

 Think back to the school photos that you used to have taken! Standing in front of a intriguingly coloured background as a photographer asked you to smile. Those gloriously stilted moments are a thing of the past with a photo booth – grab your friends and make whichever faces you’d like to pull because you’re adults now! That being said, we are sure that whichever photo you get printed or digitally sent to you, your mum will still enjoy seeing it.


 It had to be didn’t it? A back to school event without a DJ just would not be worth attending! Roll back the years and think back to a simpler time when the disco was the biggest event in your life. Would your crush be there? Would you actually dance or spend hours standing on one side of the hall, by the wall? Hard to say. Thankfully times change and now you and your friends can enjoy an epic night dancing to one of our fab DJs. They’ll play the modern hits alongside the classics from the past and all of you are bound to enjoy an awesome evening.

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By Henry Fosdike