Awards Month - Hiring Comedians for an Event

February 02, 2016

We all have our favourite podcasts. Admittedly, Annabel in our office only really discovered them two weeks ago but now she is marathoning Serial like the best of us and eagerly wanting to know about other things to listen to on her morning and evening commute between her home and the office. In tandem with this, we often get a lot of enquiries for comedians who are often a lot more expensive than people expect. If only there was a way to combine these two difficulties and find out about incredible up and coming comedians for your event…

Thankfully there is in the form of top comedy podcast A Little Bit Racey. The game is inspired by the likes of Just a Minute and The Unbelievable Truth but is something quite independent of either show. The basic premise follows four contestants as they must improvise their way across the globe with a budding companion, item and mode of transport along for the ride. As contestants ponder exactly how they’ll reach their desired destination, another panellist seeks to prevent them from ever reaching their destination. It’s fast, furious and frequently hilarious. Where else would you find vengeful Philip Schofield flying a helicopter in the jungle or the Coca Cola truck becoming infested with hundreds of ants and embittered Christmas elves?

One of the best parts about this independent production from Cornucopia Radio is its emphasis on using up and coming comedians to showcase their talents. Recording series 3 in Sheffield this week, the show has been featured on BBC Sheffield and was nominated for a UK Podcasters Award last year so it’s easy to see why extremely talented comedians are queuing up to be a part of it!

Comedians featuring in this series include Tamar Broadbent – a finalist in numerous comedy competitions last year – as well as Philip Sharman from the Wikishuffle podcast (listen to that here). Lou Conran, who has supported Sarah Millican on tour, will be venturing into the A Little Bit Racey arena for the first time, whilst Edinburgh Fringe favourites Darell Robson and Jonny Syer of The Antics will be featuring as well.

But why are we telling you all this? Well, unless you’re a big fan of comedy and the live stand-up circuit, you may not be aware of these names but rest assured they are just as funny as the comedians you have heard about and are wanting to compere your event and the best bit is that they are often a fraction of the price! Why spend £25,000 when you can spend £1,000? Comedians and hosts are by their very nature fairly expensive - they have to hold an entire event together - but many of the newer folks on the circuit are both passionate and eager to please, so do consider saving some of your budget for other forms of entertainment (including live awards stings) and featuring a fab new comedian at your event!

If you’re wanting to hear exactly what some of these comedians sound like before booking them then feel free to listen to past episodes of A Little Bit Racey on the Cornucopia Radio website and try and seek out more fab comedy podcasts and nights out as possible, including the fab Always Be Comedy, which we reviewed here. Younger comedians are cheaper and some are even better than the established names you know so get in touch now to make your event a budget friendly but frequently funny affair!

And just think... A few years from now you can brag to your friends and colleagues that you hired wonderfully famous awards hosts and hilarious comedians for your awards show before anyone knew about them! 

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By Henry Fosdike