Awards Month - Event Entertainment for Awards Shows

February 11, 2016

With the BAFTAs, Oscars and the BRIT Awards all upcoming this month, we are fully invested in awards shows and awards month, so today we’re taking a look at how to make your awards show that much more exciting! Last week, we looked at hiring a fantastic presenter for a far cheaper price than you might have previously imagined and this week, we’re looking at how to entice guests to your awards show and keep them entertained whilst they’re there!

Let’s be honest, unless you’re actually shortlisted or nominated for an award, an awards eveningcan be a rather dull affair. Sure, the free drinks at the bar help a little bit but you’re cramped into what may very well be a theatre seat with no legroom and you’re in the middle of the row, which means that access to the toilet is going to be a difficulty without annoying a fair few people en route. Thankfully, here are five fabulous ways to improve the awards evening using event entertainment.

Live Show

 This goes without saying but many people don’t really ever think about it, despite the fact that every famous awards show tends to begin with one hell of an exciting opening. Simply look on Twitter the day after a big awards bash and no doubt an eight minute host –led song and dance routine will have had the crowd in raptures. You might not have the budget to hire Hugh Jackman on a motorcycle but there are always other options. The Supernova stage show is a sight to behold in a darkened room, whilst an indoor fire display is sure to get the pulse racing ahead of the nominations.

Awards Stings

 We’ve all seen awards shows on television and to be honest, they all do the same frustrating thing when somebody wins an award. The lucky winner stands up, hugs a few people nearby and then proceeds to the stage whilst a brass band play. A brass band? This is 2016! Let’s liven it up a bit. If you hire a beatbox crew, you get an astonishing slice of entertainment every few minutes. Just ask guests at the Quality Food Awards whom were treated to Beatvox stings every few minutes. Memorable and highly inventive!

Cocktail Maker

 As previously mentioned above, one of the big draws to an awards ceremony is normally the free drinks at the bar. Just ask Matt Damon. But to really impress your guests, why not make getting a drink a little bit more fun than usual as well? The easy way to do this is to hire a few cocktail makers who understand the art of theatrics and entertainment in putting together a cocktail. It is not simply pouring a few liquids together but perhaps setting it alight, throwing it up and down and adding an umbrella at the end. Now you’re talking!

Vintage Paparazzi

 Now you’re talking! If we’re being brutally honest then a lot of awards dinners don’t quite get the press to rock up with three or four microphones, a camera and a tripod. Hell, even a red carpet is a rare experience. Simply put, every industry has an awards show but not every industry’s awards end up on the Daily Mail website the next day. Nobody is critiquing Fiona from HR’s choice of dress on the tube to work. Let’s change all that! With vintage paparazzi at your event, everybody will get their photo taken and feel like their privacy is being invaded just like the celebrities you see in the paper. Great fun and you’ll get to sigh with relief that it doesn’t happen to you every day!

Edible Mist Orbs

 Here’s one for the after party. In truth, it isn’t hard to convince people to an after party because everybody is already a little less than sober and there’s always the promise of more fun to be had in a delightful venue. Excellent! To make the prospect more enticing, impress your winners and nominees with a series of incredible edible contraptions including these mist orbs. Pop in a straw, suck and see what flavour the mist creates! Great fun and presumably, good for the weight watchers amongst us! Other options include an endless chocolate tap and a sci-fi candy floss machine.


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By Henry Fosdike