Autumn Garden Ballerinas @ TATE Britain, 2014 - Throwback Thursday

November 22, 2018

Today's #tbt takes us to some gorgeous autumn garden ballerinas at the TATE Britain in 2014. This is one of those events that we absolutely adore both because of the entertainment that results and the work that is put into making it such a stunning act on the night. Without further ado, here is the original blog below.

For an autumnal garden-inspired event at the Tate Britain, we gave guests a naturally warm welcome as we provided a troupe of highly talented ballerinas to perform as proceedings got underway.

The event was themed primarily around the shift of the late-year season as dusky summer evenings give way to the oncoming chill of autumn nights – with the troupe of ballerinas acting as muses each adorned with decorative headpieces made of fallen leaves and delicate, flowing sashes. 

Read on after the break to find out about the inspiration for the event along with pictures, explanation and more.

 A rich palette of deep golden browns and muted oranges transformed the atmosphere of the event space as the Tate Britain's lighting, coupled with some intricately designed garden-like ornaments, brought a wonderfully autumnal feel to the evening. 

The primary inspiration for the makeup and costuming of the girls came from nature. Large, amber-coloured fallen leaves were used to create the headpieces whilst a selection of hand-picked, green leaves and flowers were used for the sashes. The makeup embellished the look with a great deal of shadowing and contrast with a hearty use of earthy yellows and reds.

The ballet troupe helped to provide an unforgettable experience for the evening's guests as they danced and gracefully glided across the autumn-gilded walls of the Tate Britain's foyer. They brought guests in from the cold, warmed their spirits and brought bundles of fun-loving energy to boot.

And not to mention those smiles. Who can resist them?



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By Henry Fosdike