Audition: Zion Duo

February 17, 2012


The Cajon (pronounced Ca-hon)is a percussion instrument which might be familiar to anyone who pays attention to buskers or street performers. This stool-sized wooden box has become a mainstay of the busking artist and in recent years has made its way into the Corporate Events Market with acts like The Cover Brothers and Fables and Friends using the seemingly innocuous box for all manner of knocking, tapping and rapping thereupon.

Joining the Cajon rattling ranks of the above are this week's auditionees The Zion duo who popped in to share a few cover versions beneath the Sternberg Clarke Spotlight (no seriously, we have a spotlight now.)The pair's laid-back style and soaring vocals made for some genuinely pleasant listening, especially when combined with a handful of crowd pleasing classics like Jackie Wilson's "(Your Love Keeps Lifting me) Higher and Higher" and The Beatles "Help." We can imagine the Zion duo working brilliantly at outdoor events with an informal feel.

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