Audition: Watling St Band

November 30, 2012

If you think the looming spectre of That Christmas would stop London’s Leading Entertainment Supplier searching for acts for corporate events then you don’t know much about London’s Leading Entertainment Supplier. In which case, I direct your attention to the metaphorical avalanche of great acts that came through the Sternberg Clarke offices this week, one of which we’re featuring today.

First things first; Is the humble Tuba having a bit of a renaissance? Mere weeks ago, we welcomed Riverside Brass (and their erstwhile Tuba player) into the office, a few weeks before that we met with the creator of the infamous Fire Tuba and this week we became acquainted with the Watling Street Band who’s line-up prominently features the instrument the ancient Greeks called ‘The Silken Foghorn of Orpheus’... probably.

 The Watling Street Band are made up of Tuba, Banjo and percussion which, combined with the trio’s delightfully wobbly vocal harmonies, come together to create some of the oddest cover versions you’re likely to hear... anywhere.  Have you ever heard a bellowing version of ‘I’ve got a Band New Combine Harvester’ morph into ‘You Can Call Me Al’ before shifting into a mockney-pop version of Rihanna’s ‘Umbrella’ that ends with a three-part harmony/dance routine with Tuba balanced on one guy’s knee? I have, and it was awesome.

 The guys’ busker-ish, folksy country/cockney charm is guaranteed to win over even the most curmudgeonly event guest and their eclectic pop repertoire makes them the perfect fit for quirky weddings or corporate events in need of an unusual twist. Able to play acoustically or with minimal amplification we can see the Watling Street Band going down a storm in a variety of settings and with their willingness to arrange specific tracks for events we can expect to hear some genuinely weird and wonderful cover versions at upcoming gigs.

For more information on booking the Watling Street Band for upcoming corporate events, weddings and private functions, head over to our contact page and get in touch.

By Garreth Owen