Audition Video Round-Up – “Nothing Compares 2 a Jazz Trio”

August 02, 2011

These music schools are just churning out the lanky blonde bespectacled musicians these days aren't theyThough there’s been a slew of great summer events and weddings this year, we’ve made sure not to take our eye off the ball as far as auditioning new acts goes – in fact, we’ve even gone so far as to invite ‘the ball’ into our offices, offered it a cup of tea, coffee or water and then listened to it perform a few songs from it’s repertoire to give us an idea of how ‘the ball’ might fare at a corporate event, all the while keeping an eye on ‘the ball’ lest we’re accused of ‘taking our eye off the ball’.

This weeks we’ve had a couple if great auditionees (or balls) through the doors of our Wandsworth offices that we thought it’d be churlish not to share.

First up was vocal jazz trio ‘Lemon and Lime’ who featured a line up of piano, sax and vocals. The band performed three superb little numbers ranging from Jazz standards such as ‘The More I See You’ (as featured in the above video) and later moved on to a rather chilled out version of ‘American Boy’ (minus the Kanye West bit – apparently there are few rapping saxophonists coming out of the London Academies these days.)

Having performed with members of Sternberg Clarke Jazz bandits Booth Street West and Wandering Hands founder Tom Stone, the members of The band already felt like one of our acts from the moment we spoke to them. It seems there are some benefits to the incestuous nature of London’s Jazz musicians, at least for us.

The other great audition of the last few weeks was singer/pianist DaPaul who won us over with his stripped down, heart-felt renditions of various Pop and Soul tunes including a brilliant version of Sinead O’Connor’s hit ‘Nothing Compares 2 U’. A more laid back, but no less affecting take on the Prince penned ballad than our other act, Le Gateau Chocolat’s version; DaPaul managed to put his own stamp on the song even for a group of people who had witnessed Gateau‘s gyrating, powerhouse performance. Not an easy task.

If you’ve got an act that you think might work as corporate entertainment or entertainment for weddings, get in touch to arrange an audition.