Audition: This one Goes Up To 11 (... Strings)

March 20, 2012



 As an entertainment agency perpetually on the look-out for new acts for corporate events, we're lucky to be able to hold auditions for new performers downstairs and in doing so we often get the chance to see something a little different.

Classical Guitarists aren't exactly unfamiliar territory in the corporate events industry; we've been booking guitarists for corporate gigs for as long as we've been booking anything for corporate gigs. But former Royal College of Music student Nils elicited collective gasp of glee when he produced his 11 string alto guitar in his audition.

The extended range classical guitar was invented by Nils' fellow Swede Georg Bolin in the 1960s and is often used for classical lute music. Nils treated us to a performance of Bach's First Cello Suite that made it perfectly clear that he's more than just a man with a super-cool guitar that not many people have.

In fact, Nils has won the Royal College of Music Guitar Competition and was a finalist in the distinguished Jörgen Rörby competition in Sweden. Having performed at corporate events, weddings and recitals for a number of years Nils has expanded his repertoire from chamber music to include Latin, Jazz and even a couple of Beatles numbers. Nils is also able to work with a host of other performers including violinist, flautist or another guitarist to add depth to his already rich and subtle guitar arrangements.

You can take a listen to Nils here.

If you're interested in booking Nils or any of our excellent Classical Guitarists for corporate events, feel free to get in touch for more info.