Audition: The Three Little Maids

December 22, 2010

The Three Little Maids may well be the last group we have in to the office to audition this year. There's a superstitious streak that runs though Sternberg Clarke which dictates that if the last audition of 2010 is a bad one, we have to sacrifice the youngest member of staff to appease the God of Corporate Entertainment Booking and then promptly burn the office down.

It's a good job that The Three Little Maids were good or we would have had to replace Miss Hayley Hannam... and that would be an awful shame - we've all grown pretty attached to her dying-pig sneezes.

Bursting into the office in a flurry of Jazz hands and coordinated floral outfits; the Three Little Maids brought enough energy to their cabaret performance to make us forget all about train delays and burst pipes and the fact that we're all desperately in need of a break from each others stupid faces.

So infectious is their cheeky, charming, vintage enthusiasm, they completely made me forget that I hate 'Chattanooga

Choo Choo' more than almost any song in the history of recorded music. That's some skill, but somewhere between the pitch perfect vocal harmonies, saucy winking delivery and Honest-to-Betsy-Good-Old-Fashioned-Good-Fun we were all swept along with the mood and felt as if we were eating powdered eggs in a village hall during the blitz. And enjoying it.

The Maids and their accompanying pianist Leo then launched into a cockerney-fied version of Baby You Can Drive My Car that brought an admiring grin from each and every one of us if only for the sheer originality of the arrangement, following that up with a witty re-imagining of Three Little Maids from The Ocado a famous opera about three women who operate an online grocery delivery service.

It's easy to see why the Maids stand apart from all the bands for hire on the market, they'd make for some truly unique party entertainment for anything from corporate events to wedding receptions. Unusual enough to catch people's attentions but not so intrusive as to spoil a good conversation over a few drinks. These kinds of cabaret acts often walk a fine line between musical cutesyness and shrill comedy but the Three Little Maids get the tone (comedic and musical) absolutely right and are all the more pleasurable for it.

Have a listen to a clip of the Maids in action and see what you think.

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