Audition: Stereo Twist

June 08, 2012


 Having missed out on our Band Month audition bonanza due to a pressing engagement, Stereo Twist were kind enough arrange a chance to see them in action at Ritz Studios in Putney where the London based 4 piece were rehearsing.  Arranging an audition like this is always a bonus for an entertainment agency, especially when dealing with a function band - it gives us a chance to see a band performing in ideal conditions rather than trying to cram into our office whilst keeping the volume down for the neighbors.

 Kicking off with the obligatory cover of 'Sex On Fire', Stereo Twist immediately impressed with an energetic performance and all round general 'tightness'. That being said, it was 'Sex On Fire' so we were going to need a little more of an indication of what set Stereo Twist apart from the crowd. Thankfully, such indication was to come shortly after with an inspired cover of Brittany Spear's 'Toxic' which utilised loop pedals, acoustic guitars and some impressive falsetto harmonies from the band's two vocalists.

 Keeping things in distinctly pop-y territory, they followed up 'Toxic' with Michael Jackson's early 90s ode to chess or something 'Black or White' once again showing off a real knack for the high notes and squeaks that no Michael Jackson cover is complete without. Stereo Twist seem to excel at taking on unexpectedly fizzy pop numbers with a lightness of touch that you wouldn't expect from a standard 'guys with guitars' line-up displaying versatility and infectious energy at every turn.

 The guys finished off with a version of Queen's 'Don't Stop Me Now' that segued into a medley of Rihanna's 'Umbrella' and Blink 182's 'All The Small Things' for no other reason than 'because we can, is why'. It perfectly encapsulated what makes Stereo Twist a great function band for weddings and corporate events; at once willing to play the old standards but at the same time, throw out any preconceptions about the kind of covers you can do with a 4 piece guitar band.

If you're interested in booking Stereo Twist or any of our other function bands for weddings or corporate events, get in touch via our contact page.