Audition Round Up: The Dapper Dudes

March 06, 2012


 What with Confex taking over the events industry for a few days, we've not had as many auditions this week, but the ones we did have were definitely worth sharing. This week's auditionees were a heady mix of debonair after dinner jazz and amazing facial furniture that sadly proved pretty resistant to title puns. Still, that shouldn't be a reason not to write about them in a short but sweet audition round up.

London Jazz duo the Dapper Dudes sauntered in with 50% of their number sporting one of the most delightful moustaches to grace the Sternberg Clarke office since the scrapping of Duncan's mandatory 'Poirot Thursdays' initiative almost a decade ago. The Dudes performed a couple of light hearted Jazz numbers, dressed immaculately in tuxedos and even throwing in the occasional knowing wink and nod during performances of 'Let's Do It' and 'Is You Is or Is You Ain't My Baby'. The Dapper Dudes would make for perfect background music at events with a vintage theme, looking and sounding like they've tumbled out of a P.G. Wodehouse story, but they could work equally well performing a cabaret set.

For more information on booking The Dapper Dudes, get in touch through our contact page.