Audition Round Up: Sax Quartet and Guitar Duo

November 14, 2012

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for auditions at Sternberg Clarke with everything from Glee Clubs to Irish Pipes gracing us with their presence in the downstairs audition space/Place where we keep loads of wigs and props. Thankfully for us audition fever shows no sign of abating, with a couple of brilliant new acts introducing themselves to the team this week.

 The Lone Pepper Duo offer a unique mix of flamenco tinged Latin guitar music and lively, playful cover versions of popular tunes. Incorporating percussive guitar, vocal harmonies and often mesmerising guitar playing, the pair occupy a curious space between strolling acoustic trio Wandering Hands and flamenco guitar group Andalus.

Their intricate, interweaving guitar parts and smart use of percussive sounds make them sound far more energetic and upbeat than two guys with guitars have any right to. The guys would work brilliantly as a sort of ‘busking act’ at an event, or as a feature in their own right. Their expansive repertoire gives them the option of being either instrumental background music or vocal cover versions.

 As a leading entertainment agency, we’ve seen pretty much every configuration of musicians and instruments there is and while we’ve worked with Saxophone ensembles before, Sirocco Sax Quartet are still something of a rarity. Anyone unconvinced of the versatility and range that the saxophone can offer would have their tiny minds blown by the quartet’s take on Jazz, Classical and pop tunes. Available as an attention grabbing cabaret show or as an unusual alternative to a string quartet or wind trio, the Sirocco Quartet are the perfect choice for anyone looking for new and different entertainment ideas.

For more information on booking either of these acts for corporate events, weddings or private function, head over to our contact page and get in touch.

By Garreth Owen