Audition Round Up: Pinto Duo and The High Tops

November 05, 2012

With Magic Month behind us, it’s time to get  back to the business of auditioning acts from other genres.  Sure, they probably won’t be able to turn a pack of cards to glass or guess what animal I’m thinking of (it’s a Manatee, it’s always a Manatee) but they’re entertaining in their own, non magic way. It’s just a bit of a readjustment is all. No Big Deal.  

The High Tops joined by their occasional 5th member 'Mike Stand'  (far right)Rather than easing ourselves back in to the non-magic type of auditions with a band that plays nothing but ‘It’s a Kind Of Magic’ on an endless loop, our first audition of ‘The Month After Magic Month’ was Glee Club style pop quartet The High Tops. Taking their name from the ‘High Top’ recreational footwear that they assure us they all wear on stage (and they better had), the group specialise in the kind of high energy pop covers that made shows like High School Musical and Glee such massive hits.

The quartet’s crystal clear vocal harmonies and West-End-ish dance routines make them perfect for the kind of Cabaret and Flashmob performances that ToneAcity excel at. With a repertoire that takes in everything from up-tempo Adele medleys to cross genre musical mash-ups, the High Tops have something that will appeal to everyone and they’re happy to arrange specific songs by request so we could, if we wanted, have asked for that really long ‘It’s a Kind of Magic’ were it not for the fact that I don’t like Queen.

The Pinto Duo themed themselves to the Sternberg Clarke logo, smart move guysAnother act with a passion for masshion... or mashing... up... doing mash ups of songs... was guitar and Cajon duoPinto’ who came in to perform a few covers of their own. With frantic interweaving guitar parts and breathy vocal harmonies, the pair took on a host of songs from different genres even breaking into a semi-rapped verse here and there.

Cajons aren't just for playing, you can sit on them tooHaving honed their craft busking in and around London, the Pinto Duo have developed an ear catching style that would work brilliantly for entertaining guests as they enter an event or situated outdoors in summer (not even we would subject them to an evening on a roof terrace at this time of year). They’d also be a good fit for events at venues with sound limiters or limited access to power.

For more information on booking these or any of our other great acts for corporate events and private functions, head over to our contact page and get in touch.

By Garreth Owen