Audition Round Up: Jazz and Magic

April 05, 2013

With everyone suitably recharged after a brief Easter Break, we hit the ground running with auditions last week thanks to two great Jazz Bands who offered their own, differing takes on background music for events. As if that weren’t enough, we were also introduced to an exciting new street magician who, while not offering another take on background music for corporate events, did do some magic. Read on for more...

 The Hassall Jazz Trio opted not to introduce themselves with talk of being a Hassall free alternative to other Jazz ensembles on the market, instead letting their music do the talking. We’ll never know how that would have played out. With a line up featuring Saxophone, Bass and an electric guitar rather than a keyboard or piano, the band create a slightly different, but no less pleasant sound from the standard Jazz Trio. Where the group really stand out is in their repertoire of modern pop arrangements which are sure to please even the most jazz-averse guests at an event.

 The Black and Gold Trio’s take on background jazz was a little more traditional, but no less appealing. Performing with a familiar line-up of piano, bass and saxophone, the trio’s slick, sophisticated versions of jazz standards perfectly complimented a nice assortment of hats/braces/waistcoats. Unfortunately, owing to their non-pun-friendly name, their paragraph in this blog might be a little shorter than Hassall Jazz but rest assured, they’re no less accomplished. Oh, wait, actually they’re about the same length now... shows what waffling can do.

 Street magician Josh displays a similarly modern, urban performing style as Street Magic stars Dynamo and Damien O’Brien and he’s performed all over the world for a range of high profile clients. His unusual repertoire of tricks (that includes burning a card suit into his thumb and changing the currency of bank notes) mixed with the knowledge gained from his time as a professional card sharp make him an energising addition to any party and we’re looking forward to seeing more of his tricks at events in the future.

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