Audition Round Up: Green Children and Sugary Sisters

December 04, 2012

Entertainment enquiries come in all shapes and sizes; no two clients want the exact same thing for their events. To deal with the demands of the event industry, it helps to be able to offer the widest selection of entertainment possible. But how does one go about finding the widest selection of entertainment possible? One auditions. One auditions like we did last week, a week in which we were introduced to two new and unique acts looking for work at corporate events, weddings and private parties

 Of all the acts that have graced the Sternberg Clarke offices this year, none have had a better name than The Green Children of Wolfpit. Taken from the story of a pair of green children that turned up in the village of Woolpit in the 12th Century, it’s the kind of name that could only work for a folk band, and not folk in the ‘Mumford and Sons’ look-at-me-I’m-wearing-a-tweed-jacket-and-braces sense of the word – folk with a capital ‘F’.

 The multi instrumental, multi talented quartet display a level of enthusiasm and knowledge of music that makes you wonder where they find the time, taking in subgenres of folk that span centuries and continents. The band’s four members chop and change between instruments - often during pieces – as well as singing in four-part harmony for certain songs. It’s this kind of versatility that willmake The Green Children... perfect for weddings where they can perform as both wedding ceremony music and a livelier ceilidh band. They can even provide a ceilidh caller if required. 

Take a listen to the band here

 The Sugar Sisters aren’t short of competition in the vocal harmony field - why just the other week we saw The Bellinis take on modern pop hits in the style of groups like The Andrews Sisters – but the Sugar Sisters brought along a secret weapon that sets them apart from the pack; The Nose Saxophone (or ‘lady doing a really good impression of a trumpet’ as it’s often known). Backed by the strums of a lone Ukulele, the mighty nose sax added funny little tooting noises to songs like ‘Don’t Go Under the Apple Tree’ and ‘Jingle Bell Rock’ which, to be fair were already pretty darn good to start with thanks to the girls’ swooping harmonies and delightfully era-specific mannerisms.

 It’s always nice to get an idea of how a group would look performing at an event - even if they are forced to perform in our downstairs prop cupboard-type area - so it was a pleasure to see the Sugar Sisters all immaculately presented and sartorially coordinated as any vocal harmony trio worth their collective salt should be. Though I have had this idea of putting a 40’s style vocal trio in shell-suits and trainers...

Take a listen to the girls below

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By Garreth Owen