Audition Round Up: B-Side Beatles and October Moon

December 11, 2012

While most other entertainment suppliers are idly  surfing the internet for last minute gift ideas or gnawing at seasonal sandwiches from local delicatessens, the Sternberg Clarke team continue to strap on helmets with lights on and enter the entertainment mines with audition pickaxes and stretch metaphors as far as they can possibly go. What I’m trying to say is we had some more auditions last week and we’d like to share them with you.

 The enduring popularity of The Beatles means that there’ll always be Beatles tribute acts on the corporate event market but despite the fact that they face strong competition from similar bands, The B-Side Beatles have that certain *something* that makes an entertainment booker sit up and take notice. Perhaps it was the way the captured the youthful energy (if not the hairstyles) of early Beatles performances? Perhaps it was the Wandering Hands-esque acoustic take on Beatles classics? Perhaps it was the sunglasses indoors? No, yeah, probably that.

Functioning as an ultra-portable take on the ubiquitous Fab Four tribute, the B-Side Beatles have taken their show everywhere from bustling markets to floating canal boats and thus, are perfect for giving performances a lively, impromptu feel. The stripped back instrumentation allows the band a tremendous amount of flexibility and being able to sample from one of the most beloved bands this country has ever produced means that guests are guaranteed to join in... at least on the “na na naaa” bits in Hey Jude. Strolling Yoko is available at an additional cost. (She isn’t)*

 If the B-Side Beatles took us to the darkest, sweatiest corners of the Cavern club in the early 60s – Jazz Trio October Moon took us somewhere altogether swankier. Somewhere Don Draper would take a woman with nice hair. Lead singer Phoebe brings an air of sultry sophistication to a repertoire unrestrained by genre, band or era but brought together by the trio’s tasteful jazz arrangements. The band opened with a slinky version of Fever before launching into a moody cover of Englishman In New York  that morphed into Every Little Thing She Does is Magic (and if we haven’t stressed the power of an audition medley, take note; audition medleys are powerful things)

 Backed by electric guitar and double bass, Phoebe’s tuneful voice sounds as much at home on modern covers like American Boy as she does on Jazz standards like Honeysuckle Rose.  The band can add in a Cajon player to liven up their sound without taking away any of the laid back charm of the trio. A brilliant choice for background jazz music at events, October Moon are sure to see a lot of interest in the new year.

Take a listen to the band in action below and heck, takea listen to another track here.

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*But she could be?

By Garreth Owen