Audition Round-Up: Amy Syed and the La Di Das

December 01, 2012

Though last week’s audition post made it seem like it’s been wall to wall Tubas in the offices of London’s Leading Entertainment Supplier, it hasn’t been. Truth is that no matter how great it is to hear ‘You Can Call Me Al’ in the style of Chas & Dave, it’s not quite the right fit for every type of event and as such, we value the relatively ‘normal’ acts just as much as we value the weird ones. Take this week’s auditionees for example, these two great acts that managed to be entertaining without being all that quirky.

 Which isn’t to say that all quirk was banished from guitar and vocal duo La Di Da’s audition. The pair’s ‘Money’ themed medley had the team in a fit of giggles, particularly the inclusion of The Adventures of Stevie V’s 90s dance anthem Money Talks (Dirty Cash) complete with stereotypical 90s rap verse (you know, where a guy turns up and just says words that rhyme with ‘slam’). Aside from playful cover medleys, the duo impressed with their gentle, tuneful voices and chilled out interpretations of tunes from the last few decades. A brilliant, female alternative to the oft ‘man-centric’ guitar and vocal act with some unexpected repertoire choices to sweeten the deal.

 It’s always interesting to see what different musicians do with the same ‘tools’ – vocalist Amy Syed came in with a similar guitar and vocals set up but her powerful voice and commanding stage presence made for an interesting contrast to La Di Da. With song selections veering further towards the Jazz and Soul end of the musical spectrum, Amy showed off impressive range and the ability to perform as either an attention grabbing centrepiece to an event, or as more of a background act. Amy also performs with a function band at various corporate events and private functions. 

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By Garreth Owen