Audition: Javier - the Card Ninja

January 06, 2011


It seems like exactly 2 weeks ago that we were writing up the last audition of 2010, probably because it was exactly 2 weeks ago. Time has a habit of sneaking up on you like that - and you know what else has a habit of sneaking up on you? Ninjas. Sadly when Javier the Card Ninja came in to the office, he just rang the door bell rather than silently dropping in through the roof.

We thought we'd seen everything that the close up magicians of London had to offer until we were introduced to Javier's unique card throwing act. Known in the trade as scaling, it involves throwing standard playing cards with remarkable accuracy and distance with only a flick of the wrist (sometimes even just a finger.)  Javier was able to knock a pack of cards off a stool, boomerang cards around the room (catching them again) and skim one just over the head of Adam "49" Sternberg without incurring his considerable wrath.

What initially started out as a stand up show where Javier explains his transformation from mild-mannered IT consultant to grand master of the dark art of card throwing has transformed and splintered off into multiple formats, Javier's Card Ninja show can be customised to suit any and all corporate hospitality events ranging from a silent ninja-costumed stage show to more of a strolling affair incorporating close up magic as well as the card juggling he's famous for. What appeals most about Javier is that his act is extremely versatile, and you know who else is versatile? That's right. The SAS... And Ninjas.

We can see Javier working brilliantly as part of our Take 3 Concept where acts compete for the audience's approval or paired with Poker/Blackjack tables at a Casino themed evening. Either that or as a fitting replacement for confetti at the wedding of two professional poker players but everyone keeps telling me that there aren't that many of those over the course of a year.