Audition: Daryl Kellie - Guitarist

January 31, 2011

To call Daryl a guitarist would be a bit of an over simplification. A millions miles away from that guy who used to  walk around college twanging his way through Green Day covers to anyone who'd listen, Daryl treats his guitar like a mix betwen a drum kit, a keyboard and...  guitar. Utilising an oft attempted (but rarely mastered) 'tapping' technique along with 'body percussion' as employed by fellow guitarists such as Eric Roche and Tommy Emanuel, Daryl dropped jaws with his cheeky cover of Beyonce's omnipresent 'Single Ladies' and literally melted minds with an extended Michael Jackson medley. Anything that makes hearing 'Single Ladies' for the billionth time a little less ear-stabbingly repetitive deserves the highest praise imaginable.

Take a look at the video below for Daryl's Michael Jackson tribute - but bear in mind that we refuse to accept responsibility for you spending all day watching clips of Daryl playing the Super Mario Brothers theme tune.


Daryl would be a real change of pace when used as entertainment for drinks receptions or background music at parties; offering unique interpretations of popular songs such as Bohemian Rhapsody, Superstition and You Can Call Me Al as well as numerous Jazz Standards and his own compositions. "Background" enough to let people chat, drink and enjoy the music but at the same time impressive enough to gather a crowd of people wondering "Where's the other guitarist? Come on, seriously, where's he hiding? It can't just be him. No, I refuse to accept it. "