Asian Wedding Planning Ideas

August 29, 2018

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The modern-day wedding lends itself to endless options for personalisation and pizazz. From flowers to venues to vows, couples can create a day that is nothing short of perfect.

Around the world, weddings are planned with varying degrees of cultural tradition and innovation, supplying boundless avenues of inspiration. Asian-inspired ceremonies, for example, can add some truly unique and festive beauty. Take a look at these Asian wedding planning ideas for some noteworthy insight.

Haldi Ceremony

Haldi, the Hindi word for turmeric, has a place in many Indian traditions, one of the most sacred being weddings. On the morning of the ceremony, the couple is coated in a vibrant paste made of haldi and other ingredients, such as oil, rosewater, or sandalwood.

The messy yet fun ritual serves many purposes: It wards off evil spirits, provides an all-natural beauty treatment, and serves to avert those pesky wedding-day jitters. While traditionally the bride and groom perform the rituals separately at their respective homes, a modern take on the haldi observance has the couple do it together and incorporate the paste into the entire ceremony.

Mehndi Ceremony

Mehndi has grown in popularity in the Western world over the last several decades. Mehndi is the art of body painting with henna paste, typically in ornate and elaborate designs. Application generally takes place right before the ceremony and is applied to both the bride and groom. Today the designs know no bounds, ranging from depictions of Indian gods, to a couple’s portraits, to cartoon characters.

Applying mehndi is one of the oldest Indian traditions and is considered a good omen for the couple. Friends and family get together and make this ritual a highly celebrated and joyous event. The longer the mehndi retains its colour, the more felicitous it is thought to be for the newlyweds.

Beautiful Wedding Mandap Decors

A mandap is a pillared structure at the front of a wedding venue under which a couple is married, typically seen in Hindu or Jain weddings. The mandap is highly symbolic, with four pillars meant to pay homage to the couple’s four parents. This is also where the couple is officially joined in matrimony and spend their first moments as married partners.

Decorated mandaps add a beautiful focal point to any wedding and are vital in traditional Indian ceremonies. Couples often incorporate fresh flowers, intricate lighting, and vivid colours. While traditional mandaps are constructed of wood, a number of different materials and fabrics are used in modern weddings.

Lighting Arrangements

A wedding should have just the right ambiance, and a ceremony’s lighting plays a big part in achieving this. Stunning sparkle lights are glamorous and festive and are often used as backdrop lights for the mandap. LED lighting is often used, whether it is in candles, lanterns, or chandeliers, and always leaves the couple shining bright. Coloured lighting is also common when following specific themes or seeking to add elegant flair. Try incorporating different ideas for varied effects!


Asian wedding ceremonies employ different types of entertainment. Some couples opt for a classic sound system and others for live music. The bride’s entry song is of great importance, and today couples elect anything from old school songs like “Karunesh” by Punjab to “Latika’s Theme Song” from Slumdog Millionaire.

Many ceremonies also include traditional singing and dancing. Traditional ceremonies will include a handful of separate occasions where music plays an important role. Choosing the right musicians, bands, or singers should be given attention.

Because Asian weddings are known for their grandiosity and elegance, special dancers for the ceremony are quite common. Partner and folk dances are incorporated at different times of the event to celebrate and kick off the festivities. Professional dancers are an extravagant yet tasteful addition.

Wedding Caterers

One of the most important aspects of any wedding is the food. A true culinary experience that features traditional Asian cuisine can leave all guests equally satisfied and celebrated. Gujarati, Pubjabi, Arghani, and Rajasthani caterers are available for weddings of all sizes and are sure to include delectable dishes such as palak paneer, lamb kofta, and chicken samosa. Caterers provide a hassle-free experience, and skilled professionals can deliver authentic cuisine.

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