Wandering Hands: Our New Strolling Covers Band at the Grove

July 14, 2011



Mere weeks after wandering into our office for a stunning audition - Wandering Hands played their first gig last night at exclusive Herefordshire hotel The Grove. It's hard to imagine a better place to showcase the talends of this strolling trio than the Grove's picturesque walled garden and surrounding grounds.The quirks and eccentricities of the hotel were the perfect accompanyment to the imaginative covers and arrangements of pop hits from the last 50 years.

The chaps were also showcasing a dapper new look (Courtesy of Sternberg Clarke) intended to better suit the unique nature of the act, (A 'look' you're welcome to comment on in the comment section below!)

Strolling through the gates of the garden whilst strumming the intro to one of the tunes from their vast repertoire, the band proceeded to flit between tables playing for the guests at the corporate event. They even took a few requests later on in the evening covering tracks from everyone from the Beatles to Queen to U2. As we said in their audition post - the band are completely unamplified which means they can move around an event venue with incredible ease.

For more info on booking Wandering Hands for an upcoming event, get in touch.