Are Corporate Events Ever Romantic? Should They Be?

February 13, 2015

With Valentine’s Day looming on the horizon, we're no doubt about to see a lot of hearts, roses chocolates and teddy-bears at our events. The event industry is never one to shy away from a theme (why should it?) but romance seems like a strange topic to be tackling in a corporate environment.

The trouble with corporate events is that people have their 'guards' up. In this context, we're socialising as colleagues not couples, clients not companions and prospective business partners rather than just prospective partners.

As entertainment suppliers, we can provide the most romantic music, erect kissing booths and dress plump, baby-faced men as cherubs; but none of this will facilitate genuine romance (especially not the baby-faced cherub men) - it'll more likely make things awkward amongst co-workers and peers.

So the key with Valentine’s Day entertainment is not to make things too 'intense' in the romance department. There's nothing worse than finding yourself trapped talking to your boss as 'The Look of Love' begins to play and a plump, baby-faced cherub-man walks over to offer you a rose, winking knowingly. 

The best Valentine events have fun with the theme of romance; perhaps using a graphologist to help guests identify the handwriting on that mystery card that came in the mail... or a wine tasting lesson to sharpen taste buds before a big date.

In fact, using an event as preparation for the actual business of Valentine’s Day is a pretty clever way of incorporating the theme of romance, without making guests feel like they're being urged to procreate. Unless that’s what you’re trying to do – in which case we’ve got these plump, baby-faced men...




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