Hi-Tech Acts to Rival your Apple Watch

April 24, 2015

Zero Central

The Apple Watch has once again got everybody talking about hi-tech devices and gadgets that we may or may not need in our lives. If you’re James Bond, you may need one. If you’re a Sternberg Clarke employee typing a blog at your desk, you probably don’t. Or do I? You see, Sternberg Clarke love hi-tech entertainment and being at the forefront of the gadget world. You and your guests have already seen the Apple Watch so what can wow them instead? We’ve got some ideas.


 Oh yes, it’s Tron but in the real world. We can’t guarantee Jeff Bridges as he’s presumably busy just chilling in his dressing gown and sipping a White Russian, but with Nee-on we can guarantee awesome LEDs, amazing dance moves and some unique photo opportunities.

Zero Central

 Just look at that picture! Really look at it. Mesmerising, isn’t it? Zero Central is a one-of-a-kind circus act which employs sensors and infra-red technology to create a visually arresting stage show that will leave guests’ mouths agape. The lights are such that the coloured landscapes often appear three dimensional. That’s right we’re basically talking holograms here. Even the Apple Watch doesn’t offer that. Once your guests snap out of the hypnotic trance Zero Central can create, they may like to have a go with...

Mash Machine

 Sort of like garage band but a lot easier to do, Mash Machine allows users to select and mix bass, drums, melodies and vocals by moving a small cube across a surface to create one of 10,000 possible combinations. Bringing together sound, lighting and video controls into a single user interface, this is the ultimate hi-tech show piece for any event. Oh and you know the small cubes? They can be replaced by anything that you wish the name of your brand if it’s a corporate event or a chocolate bar if it’s a wedding! Amazing. The future really is now.

Digital Graffiti Wall

 Who hasn’t wanted to draw something at some point in time without falling foul of the law? Add a little anarchy to your event with a graffiti wall. Using infra-red light instead of the more traditional spray paint (so last year), unleash your inner Banksy and impress the assembled crowd with your artistic prowess. Or draw a stick man and shrug as Darren from Customer Enquiries shows off with his version of the Mona Lisa. Either is good.


 Another act that incorporates LEDs into their performance, Spark! are a superbly impressive and popular drumming act that will get everyone talking. Just look at them! Popular across the board from weddings to private and corporate events, Spark! are sure to get everyone talking and perhaps even googling the immortal phrase, ‘How much does an LED drum cost?’ Your other half will be delighted as they quickly get used to roaming your darkened home to the dim glow of your drumming beat. Possibly.

To be truthful, there are many hi-tech acts that can entertain at your event no matter the venue and we’re just scratching the surface of what’s available. If none of those take your fancy then why not create one instead? “Can you really do that?” Yes we can and yes, we have. Awesome.


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By Henry Fosdike