Animals That Can Sing

May 26, 2016

Many people contact us to ask if we can provide an entertainment act for their event and of course we say yes. Absolutely. Certainly. Sure. We then tend to find out what they are after in terms of circus, comedy or music. Music? Great. Next we find out the style they want; background music for corporate events or something more lively? However we never seem to establish whether they want humans or animals to perform. You’d think this was a given but we’ve scoured YouTube and…Well… Now we aren’t so sure.

Barking Dogs sing Linkin Park

You remember Linkin Park! They were the coolest band around in the early 2000s. Their approach of shouting into the mic followed by a sort of melodic central chorus brought them legions of fans around the world and ensured that spiked, possibly bleached hair was cool for a good few weeks. Well now one enterprising individual has discovered that their songs are improved if you make dogs ‘sing’ them. See what you think. It certainly has a certain something, especially when the verse kicks in.

A Turtle sings Coldplay

There’s just something about Clocks by Coldplay, isn’t there? That piano intro is enjoyed by many who absolutely detest the rest of their back catalogue and it’s the perfect song for a hazy summer’s evening as the sun sets on your garden party… Or something. Anyway, have you ever wondered what it may be like to swap Chris Martin’s voice with that of a turtle? Yes? Then you’re in luck because you don’t need to imagine it anymore. Enjoy.

Goats sing Whitney Houston

Who doesn’t love The Bodyguard? It’s a beloved film and now a stage musical, returning to London’s West End this year for another run with Beverley Knight in the lead role. But you know “that bit” in the film’s most famous song, I Will Always Love You? That bit where the song builds and then stops in anticipation of a huge climax? What if we told you that there’s a version performed by goats? Would that interest you? You bet it would. Fascinating and mildly impressive in equal measure.

Cockatiel sings Star Wars

If there’s one tune from the movies that everybody knows, it’s the Imperial March from Star Wars. You may not be a huge fan of the George Lucas sci-fi classic (though if you are then check out our Star Wars themed party blog), but you’ll definitely know the tune that signifies Darth Vader is on the move. It’s a foreboding classic of musical scores that incites terror into children everywhere… But what if it was sang by a cockatiel? Does it continue to harbour that same fear? Judge for yourself!

Now of course, it’s not just animals who can put together a good beat or tune. As a special bonus, we’ve included the rather brilliant two videos below.

London Tube Barrier sings Blur

Windscreen Wipers perform Queen

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By Henry Fosdike