Amazing Airborne Wedding Entertainment Ideas - Wedding Wednesday

October 12, 2016

When it comes to booking wedding entertainment for your big day, there are a number of things that friends and family may expect Naturally, they shouldn’t be expecting anything because it’s your special occasion and it’s up to you just how you’d like the day to go down. Even so, a DJ or live band is something they are probably expecting… What they almost certainly won’t expect are some of these airborne ideas!

The Blades

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Yes actually, it’s a plane! Everybody enjoys the Red Arrows but they aren’t exactly easy to book for your wedding entertainment. Thankfully there is another option! If you’re looking to hire a plane on your wedding day, we can do better than that. By booking The Blades, you get a full aerobatic show from four former RAF fast-het pilots who have all previously been Red Arrows. Oh and you can even fly with them if you’d like!

Aerial Silk Artist

 Coming back inside for a moment, you might simply be after a graceful and gorgeous display that is more acrobatic than aerobatic. Not a problem. By booking an Aerial Silk Artist for your wedding day, you are sure to amaze your guests as our skilled performer (or performers!) swing from the ceiling performing moves that you’d never have thought possible! For those whose wedding venue may not support an Aerial Silk Artist, the fabulous Carousel are just as good!

Cloud Printing

Did somebody say cloud printing? Yes, that would be us! Cloud Printing is a fairly new technology that is taking the event entertainment world by storm. Perhaps the best thing you can do with bubbles, a magical mixture allows you to create your own ‘clouds’ and have them up, up and into the air! Maybe you want to join the initials of the bride and groom or simply send up a love heart? All are possible are sure to stun your guests!


 End your wedding day with a bang! Fireworks are a wonderful way to bring together all of your guests for one final wow moment before you head off on your wedding night. With a variety of different fireworks to choose from, hiring a firework display is always different! You’ll remember the moment forever and such is their nature that you’ll have a multitude of fab photo opportunities as the fireworks light up the sky. (Image courtesy of Star Fireworks).

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By Henry Fosdike