Flying High Amazing Aerial Acts

June 10, 2015

Sometimes we just feel high on life and to be honest, with the weather we’re experiencing this week, we’re in that mood right now. When you’re mood is feeling lofty there’s only one thing for it; to scroll through the website and deliver a number of incredible circus acts that help to aid your mood. Yes, it’s a runthrough of amazing aerial acts!


 The Heliosphere is a processional spectacle involving an acrobat spinning and spiralling gracefully on a harness, trapeze or cloud swing whilst suspended from a huge clear hot air balloon. If that’s not enough to help sell it then I don’t know what is. But fine. How about the fact it has mystified and delighted audiences in over 46 countries, including being concealed within a UFO for the European stadium tour of Muse? Yeah, that should sell it just fine. One word: wow!

Aerial Hoop

 Aerial hoop is a wonderful choice for events entertainment because it is not only graceful and mesmerising, but can also incorporate literally any theme through additional costumes and music. An extremely elegant aerial act, a normal performance encompasses three different routines throughout the evening and can be freestanding – as is the case with the brilliant Luna– or can (as is more common) be hung from the ceiling of your venue. Incredibly, the aerial hoop can also be booked with two performers on the same hoop.

Aerial Silk

 The majesty of the aerial silk is unlike anything else available in events entertainment. It is a classic of the circus discipline and requires exceptional body strength as the acrobat weaves themselves around the material, spinning, tumbling and twirling amongst the silk. Perfect for various venues to wow your guests, there’s nothing quite like aerial silk, which can be performed either with a solo acrobat or as part of a tandem display.

Zero Central

 For those who have images of dilapidated seating and a stuffy environment when they hear the word ‘circus’, Zero Central are coming to blow those thoughts out of the water! Literally. Okay, not literally but it does employ incredible digital projection and the use of sensors that monitor the acrobat as they perform, altering the display behind them as required. This high tech circus act is one not to be missed and can be tailored to your corporate event as necessary.

Chinese Pole

 The Chinese pole act is an ancient circus discipline that we first introduced to the events scene in 2009. The performers climb up and slide down a steel, floor-rigged pole between 3 and 9(!) metres tall and, using the friction between the skin and equipment, assume and hold various positions. It’s a ludicrously impressive act that had to be seen to be believed, comprising two performers and astounding levels of strength, athleticism and agility.


 Carousel is something a little different. Utilising the old adage ‘the same but different’, it is a display that utilises the feats of an aerial hoop performance but builds on it, providing a free standing structure on which to perform. The display is always a sumptuous affair and as an added benefit can be themed to your chosen season be it summer or winter. Wonderful.

Phew! That’s your lot for now. To continue our mood, we’re going to go and listen to some Lighthouse Family classics. Oh yes.




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By Henry Fosdike