Faux Works: Alice's Alternatives to Fireworks for Weddings

November 05, 2011



Anyone who knows me/works with me/has been within 2 steps of me in the last few days will know how much I love bonfire night. Honestly, I think I actually love it more than Christmas.  

Being from the countryside, my ideal bonfire night does not involve flight 5575 from Singapore to Heathrow whooshing by overhead – rather, I love the thought of a beautiful, crisp and clear night, all wrapped up in what Garreth refers to the A/W 2011 Knitwear Collection, sipping mulled wine/mulled cider and watching a huge glowing fire with some stunning fireworks.

I’ve always dreamt of having fireworks at my wedding.  The thought of bringing my closest family and friends together to celebrate such a special day and then being able to finish it all off with a fireworks display is almost too perfect.

However, working in wedding entertainment, I appreciate that this can’t always be the case.  One reason for that is cost; once food, dresses, venues and everything else is totted up, the cost of fireworks can seem superfluous, especially because they’re such an ephemeral thing – you can’t keep fireworks in your wardrobe or press them in a picture frame. But another reason is that many venues do not allow the use of fireworks or acts that involve fire or smoke.  This is generally due to neighbouring homes and properties, a common concern with Central London wedding venues or country venues that are not set within large grounds.

If budget is an issue, our fantastic fire act FlameOz is an affordable, but no less impressive option. FlameOz have an amazing Fire Show with can involve a diverse range of stilt walking and roaming characters. Their fire shows have astonished audiences across the globe at a diverse range of events: intimate private parties to large weddings, indoor theatres and tents and to audiences of over 4000 people in stadium shows. FlameOz can perform as a 7 piece show or as meet and greet for the start of the event. Their uplifting high energy, awesome levels of skill and mesmerising fire displays ensure that any event at which they perform is guaranteed to stick in the memory.

Another option for venues where flames aren’t permitted is our act ‘Feeding the Fish’ These skilful and trained jugglers use top of the range glow batons or ‘pixel poi’ to create stunning light effects that are great as after dinner entertainment or as strolling acts.  The really unique thing about Feeding the Fish is that their batons can programmed with text, graphics and logos all of which allows a level of personalisation that not even Fireworks can offer.

Hopefully this has given you a few ideas for firework alternatives at weddings but if you’re still looking for something to set your marriage off with a bang – get in touch! Until then, I’d suggest going out, having some yummy drinks, snuggling up to loved ones and enjoying bonfire night exactly the way you want to…I will be!