Alternative Choices for Award Ceremony Hosts

January 29, 2012


The beginning of every year sees the movie industry dive headlong into 'Awards Season' with the Oscars, the Golden Globes, the BAFTAs and more forming what industry folk call "the awards corridor." It gives the viewer at home a chance to look back over a year at the movies, gasp with horror or delight at fashion decision and pass cruel judgment on this year's  choices for Awards Hosts.

The last point is of particular interest for those of us in the Events Industry, as Awards Ceremonies are something we deal with all year round. We know when Ricky Gervais oversteps the mark, when everyone is tired of Billy Crystal, or when a host pairing just plain doesn't work.

With so many Awards ceremonies taking place, and with audiences so familiar with the 'beats' of such an event; it can be tough to pick a genuinely memorable awards host for an event. So with that in mind, we'd like to share our Alternative Choices for Awards Show Hosts. Read on for our picks.


Adaptability is key for an awards host, they have to be able to bounce off the crowd and the others on stage, coming across as witty without over stepping the boundaries of good taste. It's little wonder that so many otherwise talented and charming celebs and entertainers fall flat when they're faced with a lectern. Thankfully, spontaneity and adaptability are the stock in trade of Irish improvisational rap duo Abandoman. Weaving together off-the-cuff poetry with improvised live music - the pair make each and every show completely unique. They could conceivably play the same event twice and it would sound completely different each time. Ever wanted to have your very own, specially made 'sting' as you walk up to collect an award?

Take a look at the brilliant Abandoman in action here. 

The Horne Section

Many of the big glitzy awards ceremonies you'll see on TV will have a full orchestra who perform music between announcements or, as mentioned above, stings as the winners make their way to the stage. But it's rare that the musicians will play off the host in quite the way Alex Horne and his Horne Section do. The Horne Section's style of variety show hosting works brilliantly when transferred to an awards ceremony; Horne's deliciously dry, deadpan delivery makes a refreshing change from the insincere luvvie-ness of your average awards host and the sheer talent and comic timing of his band make the Horne Section an irresistible proposition.

Watch a video of the Horne Section on our Youtube Channel

Nina Conti - Ventriloquist

Awards hosts are often called upon to display chemistry with a co-host, bouncing off each other with a mix of prepared patter and off-the-cuff banter. What they're not normally required to do is display such chemistry with their own left hand. Nina Conti has carved out a niche as the UK's pre-eminent master of 'talking to a puppet' and it's thanks to her charm, wit and the spontaneous back-and-forth she manages to create with her wrist-mounted raconteurs. Nina's act works brilliantly as a clever twist on the typical awards host duo and elegantly side-steps any problems with lack of chemistry... ahem.

Take a look at this clip of Nina Conti Live in Edinburgh

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