All You Need to Know About Hotel Residencies

September 12, 2016

Isabella - harpist

In amongst the weddings, corporate and private events that we cater to throughout the year, there is also a section of our website that might be of interest to those running their own hotels or venues that require a little live music every now and again like pubs or cafes. But what is a residency and how does it work? Hopefully this blog answers a few of your questions.

A residency is an agreement that we will provide you with an entertainment act on a regular basis. Despite the fact it’s called a residency, the act or artist won’t actually live on your premises, they’ll just do their set every Monday at 6pm for example. Residencies can be daily, weekly or monthly and help you and your business thanks to the fact that you know you don’t have to spend time finding a great musical or magical act each and every performance; we’ll send them along regular as clockwork as agreed.

For many of our entertainment acts who enjoy doing residencies, the constant knowledge that they’ll be in demand actually makes them a little bit cheaper. It makes sense. If you bought a product in bulk from a warehouse, you’d expect to get a slight discount on the single unit price. The same is generally true with residencies. Because you’re booking so much entertainment (or hiring a musician on a continual basis), it works out cheaper than if you booked it ad-hoc.

Allowing Sternberg Clarke to provide you your hotel residencies also offers some respite should your pianist ring in sick the morning prior to a performance that evening. As an entertainment agency, we will always provide you with a replacement of equal standing should the original performer not be able to do their usual slot. With holidays or possible family bereavements also thrown into the mix, the problems that could occur are tenfold but we know entertainment and have a roster of talented musicians ready to fill in.

You might be wondering about our credentials as a residencies provider and that is absolutely something to question before entering into a residency agreement. We have been providing hotel residencies since 1995 and count hotels such as The Ritz and The Connaught as our clients. From pianists to opera singers, acoustic guitarists to harpists, we know exactly the right sort of act that will fit in at your venue and the times that will work best for you.

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By Henry Fosdike