Aerial Silk, Ballet and Stellini at the Science Museum

August 11, 2012

 The Science Museum has never been short of attention grabbing spectacle what with energy rings, moon modules and (currently) a whole exhibition devoted to Alan Turing, but for a recent corporate event we supplied a trio of acts that were hopefully as diverting as the pieces on display in the rest of the museum.

 Greeting guests as they entered the building was our Aerial Silk artiste who, suspended from the ceiling by flowing silk drapes, performed an ambient acrobatic display, twisting and turning through the air held only by the silk ropes. Aerial Silks are especially effective in a high ceilinged venue such as the Science Museum, where the act can guide guest’s sightlines upwards to fully take in the space.

 Situated on a plinth in the museum, one of our skilled Ballerinas performed for passing guests. Costumed in a silver and white tutu and specially illuminated headdress, the dancer made for an alluring addition to her ‘space’ themed setting with a mix of small steps and giant leaps in front of a display themed around the moon landing.

 Electric String Quartet Stellini provided background music for the evening performing their usual mixture of classical tunes and pop arrangements for a warmly appreciative audience. Their modern take on classical background music was a great fit for such a contemporary venue.

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