Aerial Chandelier, Aerial Anchor, Aerial Key - The Best Circus Alternatives to Aerial Hoop

October 30, 2019

When it comes to circus entertainment at a corporate event, aerial hoop is right up there with aerial silk as one of the most beautiful event ideas you can book. Eternally graceful and always sure to impress, in recent years circus performers have been looking to offer something different that still captures the imagination and may fit the theme at your event. We’ve collated a few of the best to truly impress!

Aerial Chandelier

 If you are looking to put on an extravagant display for a Gatsby party or something similar, you might be wise to look into booking aerialist Air Candy and her incredible aerial chandelier. A huge hit in her native Germany, the aerialist has performed all over the world and even on the equivalent of Britain’s Got Talent, where judges were mesmerised by her effortless performance. Highly recommend if you are looking to wow your guests.

Aerial Anchor

 Ahoy there! For anybody looking to book an aerial hoop performance for a nautical or sea themed event, you might wish to book Kat, who is seen here a top her magnificent aerial anchor. Kat is a seasoned performer who has appeared on numerous television programmes and is guaranteed to wow guests as she pulls off stunning manoeuvres on her anchor. A true spectacle for all!

Aerial Key

 Aerialist Chez has managed to combine aerial hoop and aerial pole into aerial key, an amazing prop that is just perfect for any Alice in Wonderland themed events. Showing off her strength in a hugely impressive manner, Chez is one of the best there is and you can definitely expect a crowd to gather as she performs.

Aerial Cube

 Katia is a hugely talented acrobat that has been performing for over ten years. Adept at numerous circus skills, she is able to perform aerial silk, aerial hoop, aerial Spanish web and aerial cube, which is her very own take on the genre. There really are so many unique circus alternatives out there, and we think a cube might just be perfect for your event.

Aerial Ice Dancing

 Finally we come to aerial ice dancing, which technically still involves aerial hoop but builds on the concept and delivers something absolutely perfect for Christmas parties and events held over the Winter. Circus performer Alyssa not only delivers a marvellous hoop performance but also ice skates whilst she performs, combining two disciplines that are hard enough on their own. Incredible and a great circus option for your event.

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By Henry Fosdike