No Strings Attached - Freestanding Aerial Artist at One Mayfair

June 23, 2014

When you've had your entertainment planned around an aerial showcase but your venue simply can't handle supporting performers suspended in the air, what are you meant to do? Shelve the idea and move on? Or do you think outside of the box ring and find a way to make your aerial act dreams come true?

If you hadn’t guessed, we picked the latter for an event curated by experiential brand agency Collective Minds at premier London venue One Mayfair.

Aerial hoop artist Luna used her burlesque charm along with her aerial acrobatic prowess to amaze guests as they viewed from all angles – from balconies to show floors – atop her versatile free-standing hoop.

Freestanding aerial act

The reason Luna is so hot right now is because many venues – for a variety of reasons not limited to health and safty, height restrictions, building regulations etc – don’t allow rigging to be installed on the ceilings for aerial acts to be suspended from.

Whilst these limitations can be slightly inconvenient, most clients and organisers with their heart set on an aerial performer aren't likely to up and move the whole event for one element of the evening – even if the setpiece promises to be spectacular!

To ensure her performance is seen by as many as possible at as many venues, Luna performs on an an aerial hoop atop a freestanding pole with supports to ensure there’s no danger in it collapsing or falling sideways. Because there’s no complex rigging involved, she can perform her act at almost any venue provided the ceiling is high enough amonsgst a few other minor factors.

This innovative take on the familiar – or familiar to us – aerial hoop performance uses a free-standing, rotating hoop, side-stepping the need for any rigging and allowing the srtist to work almost anywhere.  Elegant, balletic choreography and eye-catching acrobatics make Luna a great choice either as an ambient background act or a dynamic stage show set to music.

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By Stephen Warr