Acts for Intimate Dinner Parties

February 12, 2018

The set menu has been selected, the candles have been lit and the guests have arrived, cooing at your choice of intimate venue. The venue in which you are celebrating the birthday/anniversary/voluntary-redundancy-from-the-job-you-hated is just perfect and the final cherry on top was the brilliant act you chose to help everything feel just a little more relaxed.

Here are a few acts you might want to consider for your intimate dinner party.


The cello is the perfect sound for a classy dinner party amongst a few choice guests. It has a sound that many people absolutely adore, its low timbre fitting perfectly with a number of other instruments or in a solo setting. A combination that many don’t realise works brilliantly is combining a cello with an oboe, as showcased in the video above (though admittedly this particular tune may be a tad downbeat for a celebratory event).


 Violin is popular across all parties and events, no matter intimate or otherwise. The Balanas Sisters are an extremely popular duo which combine cello and violin, whilst Wing offer two violinists, which fits for virtually any occasion. Another act combination that people enjoy for intimate dinner parties is violin and...


 The harp is a gorgeous, gentle instrument that many adore but rather interestingly, rarely get to experience live. It could be because it’s a rather bulky instrument for a child to play, so many performers actually learn when they’re adults. Perfect as an accompaniment to dinner, the harp is also great in combination with strings or woodwind or when expanded to a four piece, as is the case with the superb Swift, an elegant harp quartet. Intimate dinner parties will never be the same!


 We’ve been supplying pianists to hotels and restaurants for over twenty years, including The Ritz, The Connaught and the Landmark. Pianists are fantastic for creating mood and providing a soundtrack to your evening, no matter the function. Providing a repertoire of modern and classic hits, they tend to provide a fun and informal atmosphere for a whole host of events including dinner, drinks receptions or a small networking function. And if you fancy some vocals thrown in, we have many singer-pianists too!

Classical Guitarist

 What is there to say about classical guitarists that hasn’t already been said (or assumed)? Well, for starters it’s not only western styles of music that are often booked; flamenco is extremely popular whilst many prefer a slightly different sound to what they ordinarily listen to as it promotes a sense of occasion for the evening. As with pianists before them, we also have a wonderful number of singer-guitarists are also a frequent booking.


 Now you may be thinking that a magician wouldn’t fit in at all at your intimate soiree but they can be extremely effective for engaging a room and have been proven to be great for informal networking events. For dinner parties, there are some brilliantly parlour magicians that can sit with you at the table – Morgan West provides something a bit different with a hugely entertaining Victorian theme whilst Dan Alexander keep things a little more grounded with his act.

As ever with these things, it’s all about finding the right entertainment for you. 





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By Henry Fosdike