Top 5 Acoustic Bands

March 11, 2013

For one reason or another, you don’t always want a fully amplified function band for an event – perhaps it’s because a function band is just too loud or doesn’t suit the mood, it could be due to venue restrictions like sound limits or a lack of power points. Whatever the reason, it’s always good to have a few options that allow for the easily recognisable repertoire of a function band with none of the usual amp stacks and trailing wires.

With that in mind, here are our Top 5 Acoustic Bands for corporate events, weddings and private functions.

 Fables and Friends

Featuring a line up of guitar, vocals bass and the ever present friend to the acoustic band; the Cajon, acoustic four piece Fables and Friends infuse a wide range of chart hits with an irresistibly folksy charm. Though they often play fully amplified sets, they’re brilliantly suited to laid back acoustic sets at corporate parties and private events.

 Wandering Hands

They’re not exactly short of mentions on this here blog, but Wandering Hands were created precisely for events where a full function band isn’t an option. Putting their own spin on an ever swelling repertoire of tunes that people can’t seem to help singing along to, Wandering Hands have proved so popular that people often book them even if they can have amplified music.

 The Watling Street Band

Freed from the constraints of the classic function band line-up (guitars bass drums and keys) an acoustic band can experiment a little in instrumentation. Why not, say, replace the guitar with a banjo? And while you’re at it, why not replace the bass with a large brass instrument?  Now you’re thinking with Tubas.

 The Cover Brothers

“Does a duo count as a band?” you might ask, to which we’d say “Don’t get too caught up on details!” and then we’d listen to acoustic cover duo The Cover Brothers and forget all about your silly rules about how many people make up a band. These singing siblings’ busking performances are great for entertaining people on their way into a venue or as a background act in their own right.

 The B-Side Beatles

The other bands on this list make a feature of having wide ranging repertoires, but The B-Side Beatles, surprisingly, only play the songs of one band... The Beatles. (I was surprised too.) Aiming to capture the electrifying energy of the fab four in their early days, this young, enthusiastic foursome strip everyone’s favourite Beatles tunes to their core elements with entirely acoustic instruments.

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By Garreth Owen