Abandoman, Beatboxing, Breakdancing, Circus Cabaret and Magic at the Riverbank Park Plaza

November 26, 2013

Some guests are just plain lucky;  your average corporate event will have two, maybe  three acts performing over the course of an evening – ‘Not Bad’ you’d think ‘especially if those acts are from Sternberg Clarke, those guys are the best’  (Oh thanks! Y’know, trousers on one leg at a time etc)  - but the audience at the Riverbank Park Plaza were treated to no less than five amazing stage performances as well as a spot of table magic from one of our top magicians. Let’s take a look at some pictures and talk about them a while?

Hoop dancer Pippa takes to the stage Hula hooping heroine Pippa the Ripper kicked things off with a hoop dancing show that saw her surrounded in a flurry of spinning rings, adding more hoops as the show went on. Pippa was followed by handstand contortionist Sally who put on an unbelievable display of limb-twistery whilst balancing atop a set of poles. Between performances, close-up magician and all round gigantic nice guy Pete performed his usual mix of fast fingered close-up magic.

What is it, break dancers? Yes, over there, but what? ... What? WHAT?Guests were then treated to a pair of acts that we worked with the performers to create. Our twist on the Singing Waiters concept sees the disgruntled serving staff ditch the aprons and, instead of bursting into song, break into a brilliantly choreographed b-boying routine. Following that, our fantastic a cappella/beat boxing group BeatVox took to the stage to perform a blistering set of cover versions, movie themes and other popular tunes.

Improvisational Rap Duo Abandoman on Stage at the Riverbank Park PlazaFinally, Irish Improvisational Comedy Rap Duo Abandoman (try saying that 5 times fast – now try making it rhyme with something while playing guitar) made their way on stage to wow the audience with a display of mind boggling lyrical ingenuity – taking suggestions and names from the audience and using them to create a truly one of a kind performance.

Take a look at some more pictures from the event below. There are more on our Pinterest and Facebook pages so go take a look!

Can you do that Jean-Claude van Damme? (This caption will make literally no sense in about 6 months.)Magician Pete Hathway entertains guests between coursesBreakdancing Waiters show on stage at the Riverbank Park PlazaOur break dancing twist on the Singing WaitersWhat's the bet that this was during Bohemian Rhapsody%3FBeat Boxing and A Capella from BeatVoxGuests enjoying Comedy Rap Duo AbandomanFor more information on booking any of the acts featured in today’s post, head over to our contact section and get in touch.