A National History: Trumpeters, Royal Guards and Carte Blanche at the Natural History Museum

July 04, 2011



The Natural History Museum was the venue for an evening of uniquely British Entertainment last night and what can be more British than Bearskin Hats and Trumpet Fanfares? Nothing I say. Nothing.

Rehearsing salutes and trumpeting fanfares is something of a Sternberg Clarke speciality so we were more than willing to get involved in Buffing Buttons and Polishing shoes to make sure our Royal Guards looked the part.

We provided an array of entertainment for our new Brazilian clients including the aforementioned fanfare trumpeters heralding the arrival of the president of the company. Our beautifully presented Royal Guards delivered some fantastic salutes and marched around the Natural History Museum with true military precision.


After dinner our brilliant band Carte Blanche got everyone up and dancing with their setlist of UK themed party anthems which went down a treat despite having a suspiciously Frenchy sounding name. Don't think we aren't watching you 'The Blanche'


We even included a bespoke section whereby the President of the company got on stage and had a tootle with our lovely female trumpeter Karen. This was all pre rehearsed and Karen taught him a number of simple tunes in advance. The guests were in shock and were totally delighted see their head taking to the stage and rocking out with the band. Certainly one to remember for future proposals.


The client was really happy with our meticulous attention to detail, our amazing costumes, energy of the band and quality of fanfare trumpeters. Glad all that polishing paid off.

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