A Look at the Sternberg Clarke Costume Cupboard

June 05, 2015

Okay, you got us. It’s not really a cupboard but more of a walk in wardrobe. And by ‘walk in wardrobe’, we mean a large room with a number of clothing rails rammed with costumes. From Alice in Wonderland to a Medieval Segway Jousting outfit, we’ve got anything and everything you could think of! And if we don’t, we’ll create a bespoke outfit just for you.

Here are a few outfits readily available for your event.

Superhoopers Neon Stripes

 You may think it looks like a zebra has just walked through a rainbow (because it does), but these eye-catching outfits are extremely popular for corporate events, especially when a client is looking for a stunning performance that their attendees probably haven’t seen before. We own a fair few of these jumpsuits, so just name however many you need to rent and we’ll ship them on their way!


 And now for something completely different, as Monty Python used to say. This sumptuous tailcoat comes complete with tricorner hat and golden accoutrements. A 19th century full dress from the Regency era, this is the sort of costume that’s perfect for historical re-enactments and themes. Replica doublets from various centuries are also available.

Queen of Hearts/White Rabbit

 After taking a number of Alice in Wonderland bookings over the years, it seemed pertinent to invest in a Queen of Hearts and White Rabbit costume. Perhaps the most oft-requested characters for each Alice in Wonderland-themed event, the dress comes complete with a variety of cushioned hearts and an impressive crown, whilst the White Rabbit comes with bespoke head dress and tabard.


 You can’t go wrong with a ringmaster costume (well, unless your event has absolutely nothing to do with the circus). A dashing get up for any host, the costume comprises a traditional red tailcoat with top hat and necktie.


 Comprising a gorgeous floral print, our geisha costumes were commissioned specially for a ‘Future Tokyo’ event. Made from a bright fabric, these colourful kimonos come with a range of accompanying accessories including belt, bow and colourful headwear.

There are many, many more delights to be found in our Sternberg Clarke costume cupboard but remember, if there’s something you want specifically, enquire and we’ll ensure that it exists by the time your event rolls round.



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By Henry Fosdike