A Flash of Mob at Madame Tussauds from ToneAcity

May 30, 2012



Our love of Flashmobs is well documented; we've had plenty of experience in providing seemingly spontaneous performances with troupes of dancers and singers for events. Plenty of work goes into creating dance routines, arranging music and most importantly, making the troupe look like they're just regular party-goers so that when the big reveal comes, it’s all the more surprising.

JT's really great in 'The Social Network' - nothing to do with Flashmobs, but worth noting. And there's something about Madame Tussauds  that makes a flashmob the perfect act for an event there - people pretending to be waxworks, waxworks pretending to be people, a troupe of highly talented singing dancing west end performers pretending to be party guests - it just fits.

The Ladies of ToneAcity at Madame Tussaud's

So for a recent even, our West End troupe ToneAcity went undercover in the 'World Stage' area of the famous Waxwork Museum, only to burst into a meticulously planned song and dance routine to the delight of guests at the event. Performing a medley consisting of Thriller, Firework and Don't Stop Me Now, as well as Journey's Don't Stop Believing (a flashmob staple) and Waiting for a Star To Fall, ToneAcity gave the event a jolt of Jazz-Handed energy.

ToneAcity make their way to the stage as part of their performance.

One of the reasons Flashmobs are such a great fit for events is that they're so customisable. The act, by its very nature, needs to use the space of each venue to the best effect so every performance is different, even if the songs are the same. And even then, songs can be arranged for a bespoke performance; for an event at Madame Tussaud's, we might suggest Marvin Gaye's Wax Going On?, Elton John's Candle (Made of Wax) in the Wind or anything from the Portishead album Dummy (though, we actually wouldn't suggest any of those, they'd make for pretty awful Flashmob songs come to think of it.)

If you’re interested in booking a Flashmob for a Corporate Event, get in touch through our contact page.