A Famous Australian Comedian Won a Bodybuilding Competition After Entering as a Joke - Ooh, Interesting! Fascinating Facts

September 01, 2017

We like to find the more interesting facts from the world of entertainment that you might not have heard before. As a result, we don’t often stay inside the UK when it comes to our stories, but we very rarely venture all the way around the world. Today is different though, with the tale of a comic skit accidentally turning a comedian into a champion in the world of bodybuilding.

When you think of bodybuilding, you probably have a pre-conceived idea of what the competition is like. Men and women in skimpy clothing, their muscles defined to an impressive level and huge tubs of something called Maxi Muscle hidden in vehicles around the car park. It’s a serious business with many competitors doing all they can to not only achieve their perfect weight but also the ideal body image. After all, a former Governor of California started out as a bodybuilder so the sky’s the limit, especially in America.

Hamish Blake is not and never will be anything like Arnold Schwarzenegger. He simply doesn’t have the body type. A hugely popular comedian in Australia, Hamish has been in the public eye since 2003 with him comedy partner, Andy Lee. Much of their television comedy is mined from unusual ideas that include ‘Ghosting’ – walking behind somebody as closely as you can without the person noticing – and ‘Job Reference’, an idea where they phone somebody at random and ask if they’ll be their reference later their day. Will the person come through? You can watch both of those skits below but our story is one that took an unexpected turn.

Hamish and Andy have a series in Australia called Hamish and Andy's Gap Year, which sees the pair heading off to a continent and fulfilling various tasks with one another including interviews as well as more comedic elements. Their series in the US is the one we turn to today, paying particular attention to New York, where Hamish was challenged to enter the New York State Bodybuilding Championships 2011. Essentially a joke entry, Hamish was to go on stage, generally make a mockery of the competition and then head home, safe in the knowledge that they got a couple of laughs out of some expected silliness.

The twist here though is that Hamish actually won! By being the only competitor to weigh in at over 200lb, Hamish was the only person who qualified as a Heavyweight. As the judge notes in the video, “Whether you like it or not…” he was the winner. We’re not sure what moral to take from this dose of comedy if any but perhaps half the battle really is just turning up.

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By Henry Fosdike