A Day at the Fair (and another, and another): Wedding Fairs at Eltham Palace, Hampton Court and Addington Palace

March 02, 2011

Just as the wedding season comes upon us every summer, the wedding fair season takes a running leap into our calendar around this time of year as well. For those of you not in the know, or those of you who maybe don’t think about weddings every other second of the day (my other second is used to think about Ball Manipulators) a wedding fair is the perfect opportunity for Brides and Grooms to take a look around a wedding venue such as Eltham Palace to meet the preferred suppliers of the venue and discuss everything from catering, marquees, dresses and of course, the most important part of the entire wedding - Entertainment.

Last Saturday Eltham Palace held their own bridal fair and despite the bad weather, they saw over 170 soon-to-be-brides, grooms and family members come through the (typically beautiful) doors of the palace, which I think makes it pretty successful day all round.

For me, it’s really great to meet potential clients in person because you can get a much clearer idea of them as people than you would even after a million emails or phone calls. Every now and then you can unearth a little nugget of information that will prove invaluable later down the line; perhaps details of the nationality of the Bride, stories about how the couple met or some family joke that can be incorporated into the entertainment for their wedding to make it that little bit more personal.

It’s also a great opportunity to catch up with other suppliers, such as the fabulous Erica from Flutterfly Events or the team from Zafferano who managed to tempt me with one of their delicious canapés... OK more than one…Hmmm…

Wedding fairs are like buses, you wait all year for one... but then you realise that it's wedding season and they mostly come at the start of spring... also buses are vehicles and wedding fairs tend to be stationary. This isn't the best analogy. However, on Sunday I was Hampton Court Palace, where Petra, one of our fantastic caricaturists drew the soon-to-be happy couples as they were wandering around the various suppliers in attendance, giving them something memorable to take away from the event and possibly a new idea for wedding entertainment.

We really do appreciate the invites to these wedding fairs and therefore I had to get some help from Samantha in the office to attend the wedding fair at Addington Palace on Sunday as well (Wedding Entertainment Coordinators can do many things but unfortunately we are yet to be cloned)

Samantha also had a very successful day at the palace, which is a beautiful wedding venue, dating back to 1533 and was the place of courting for Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn. Very fitting considering the upcoming Royal Wedding - or perhaps not considering what happened to Anne.

Next weekend I am attending the wedding fair at Warren House and our beautiful harpist, Felicity is playing in the entrance hall to welcome the couples to the fair. Felicity is a wonderful addition to a wedding at the elegant Warren House and is the perfect option for a Sunday wedding, where there can be no amplification.

On the 20th March, we are also very excited about attending The Wedding Sanctuary, which is being held at Somerset House, and again, will provide a one to one meeting with Brides and Grooms.

And on the seventh day, we rested….Phew!