The Gold Standard: Our Top 5 Speaker Picks for 2012

September 09, 2011


With the 2012 fast approaching and the World Athletics Championships filling up the back pages of most papers; it finally feels like London is truly getting into the Olympic Spirit and by 'Olympic Spirit' I mean bickering over who gets the Olympic Stadium and worrying about disruptions to transport. But thanks to some attention grabbing performances by Mo Farah and Dai Greene, the UK isn't just griping about Bus lanes and planning permission.

Naturally we're going to see plenty of events organisers adopt a sporting theme as we move into 2012 and everyone's going to be looking for a way to give an event an athletic edge. While there are plenty of acts that we could suggest that could work well with an Olympic theme - in this post we're going to focus on some of the Speakers that you can use to give your event some real sporting pedigree.  

Tanni Grey-Thompson

Tanni Grey-Thompson

Boasting a medal collection that is surely the envy of any spoertsperson, Tanni Grey-Thompson's celebrated sporting career has earned her an OBE and a life peerage. Having been born with spina bifida, Tanni's inspirational rise to prominence makes her an ideal choice for speaker engagements.  With plenty of insight into the day to day life of a Paralympic athlete, Tanni's warm, approachable personality has been put to good use in countless Television appearances for BBC Sport. Grey-Thompson's involvement in numerous charities and good causes also make her a perfect fit for charitable events.

Roger Black
Roger Black

An Olympic and World Championship Silver medallist in the men's 400m, Roger Black is a familiar figure to any athletics fan and a fixture on the BBC's athletics coverage where he's proved to be an insightful, eloquent and wholly welcome presence on our TV screens. Black was also part of the men's 4 x 400 meters relay who famously beat the USA's much fancied team in the 1991 World Championships - surely a fist-pumping feel-good story for any British audience in need of a confidence boost before the Olympics.

Devon Harris as Part of the Jamaican Winter Olympic Bob Sled Team

Devon Harris

While Harris competed in the summer Olympics of 1984 - it's undoubtedly his Winter Olympics appearances that have earned him and his countrymen a place in the hearts of sports fans all over the world. A member of the First Jamaican Bobsled Team and former Jamaican Defence Force Lieutenant Devon Harris's winding route to the Winter Olympics was immortalised in the film Cool Runnings. A motivational speaker with plenty of charm and self-deprecating wit, Harris' provides a welcome twist on the usual public speaker routine.

 Sally Gunnell

Sally Gunnell

British Olympic 400m champion Sally Gunnell has been one of the most recognisable British sports people of the last 20 years. Gunnell's tireless work on and off the track earned her an OBE in 1998 to go along with Gold medals in the Commonwealth Games, World Championships, IAAF World Cup and European Cup. Gunnell worked as a Red Cross ambassador in Angola and has worked tirelessly to raise awareness and funds for breast cancer.

Book Dame Kelly Holmes

Dame Kelly Holmes

Double Gold winning middle-distance runner Kelly Holmes needs no introduction; but one of the joys of blogging for an entertainment booking agency is sometimes you need to give an introduction to something that needs no introduction. Following a triumphant appearance at the Athens Olympics in 2004; Holmes was thrust into the spotlight as an inspirational figure in British sport. It's a role she's comfortably filled since her world conquering performance in the Olympics; setting up her own charity The DKH Fund with a mission to 'create chances for young people.'

 There are plenty more options for public speakers to tie in with the London Olympics - for more ideas, get in touch via the contact page.