International Music of Mystery at the Museum of London

November 15, 2011



Though the Museum of London is primarily a Museum concerned with the history of London, any discussion of the capital naturally touches upon the vast mix of cultures that pass through the city and the way that they have shaped and shifted the identity of the nation's capital. Corporate Events with an international feel sit perfectly in the stylish, modern interior of the museum so for the recent Entrepreneur of the Year Awards in association with Barclays Capital and Youth Business International we provided a pair of diverse and unusual acts to reflect the pan-global theme of the evening.

The Source of Fire Trio provide Middle Eastern Background Music at the Museum of London

Veteran Middle Eastern trio Source of Fire performed a set of captivating background music inspired by band leader Hossam Ramzy's home country of Egypt. Having performed with a staggering array of performers from Peter Gabriel to Led Zepplin, Hossam and his Trio are the go to group for creating evocative Middle Eastern soundscapes and have previously performed as part of the British Museum's 'Book of the Dead' exhibition launch. You can take a listen to Source of Fire here.

Oriental Background Music from our Chinese Musical Duo

Earlier in the evening, our Chinese duo took to the stage with a couple of authentic Chinese musical instruments that guests might not have been familiar with. The Erhu or "Chinese Violin" is a two stringed instrument used in a variety of traditional and modern Chinese music - using stretched python skin to create a resonant sound, the Erhu's unique tone instantly transports the listener to the far east. Accompanying the Erhu we had a Chinese Lute or "Pipa" which combined with the Erdhu to create a wonderfully authentic soundscape as guests came into the event.

Take a look at some more pictures from the event below.

Guests mix and Mingle at the Museum of London for a Corporate Event

A Dragon carved into the Scroll of the Erdhu

Source of Fire get ready for their performance at the Museum of London

Our Chinese Lute Player in full costume for his performance

Hossam Ramzy's Source of Fire Trio warming up backstage at the Museum of London

 Our Erhu player prepares for her performance at the Museum of London

Oriental Background Music at the Museum of London

If you're planning an event with an international or multicultural feel, then get in touch to discuss some of the ways that entertainment can be used to reinforce the theme.